Please vote. Seriously. Very Important!

What colour is this fucking dress?

White & gold?


Blue & black?

I feel like I am being messed with and God knows I am already emotionally fragile enough.

I’m not kidding. What colours?

15 thoughts on “Please vote. Seriously. Very Important!

  1. The picture is so overexposed it makes the dress look gold and light blue to me although I wasn’t surprised to learn it was black and deep blue.

  2. I’ve seen it different colors. Looking at it in this post it looks gold and light blue (or maybe lavender). I’ve seen it white/gold. And blue/black. On my son’s phone it looked periwinkle and smoke. Yeah, that sounds ridiculous, but those are the colors I saw that day.

  3. I can seen both color versions. I think some pictures of the dress are overexposed on purpose. We pulled it up on line at my house and my husband saw white and gold while I saw blue and black.

  4. I told David the colors were blue and black. He sees white and gold. The maker says blue and black. It depends on the way and how much sunlight hits it I guess. I did hear that there IS a white and gold dress that will be made soon.

  5. What the HELL? It’s white and gold. Who’s seeing blue and black, and why?

  6. I came back to your page…now the dress is clearly blue and black. OMG that is so WEIRD!

  7. Images on my monitor appear the same no matter what position I, or it is in. If I stand to one side.. higher.. lower or directly in front, everything appears the same colour, amount of light and clarity. On mine, it’s white with gold. If I sit directly in front of Frank’s laptop monitor, it’s white and gold but when I stand up and move to the side (or adjust the monitor by lowering it to a more closed position), it becomes blue with black. I thin anyone with a solid glass monitor sees the light coloured image. Anyone with a monitor that changes light in various positions will yield different and varying results.

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