Some Songs Just Make You Say, “Holy Shit”

I heard this song for the first time today. As per usual, I am a year or two behind everyone else. Anyway, it needs to be seen/heard by everybody. We still have far to go with acceptance of all but many countries are so much worse. Please tell me what you think.

OK, I am off to see The Hobbit with my kids.

6 thoughts on “Some Songs Just Make You Say, “Holy Shit”

  1. Hey…I posted this song on my blog about two weeks ago…you must have missed it! Its my theme song right now. 🙂 Fitting for a new atheist, no?

    Enjoy the Hobbit. I’ve been meaning to see it but we’re all so sick here we can’t leave the house much.

  2. Love that song. Sorry I heard it when it first came plus lots of other famous people have sang it too. Got the first two cds of the Hobbit movie and have seen the final one but would like a copy of it to watch at home. We don’t have cable or satellite tv so sometimes we actually buy copies of movies to watch.

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