It isn’t Snowing

How can it be that I live in this wonderful country and I have not seen a flake of snow this winter? It makes me a bit pathetic for a Canadian. It still could snow and we have had bad snowstorms in March but at this point I say bring it on. Well, on my days off anyway.

It seems like I loafed around all day but looking back I got a lot accomplished. Just around the house stuff that needed to be done. There is still a load in the dryer that needs to be folded but I don’t really want to walk all the way downstairs and take it out of the dryer. My grandmothers would be spinning in their graves at my laziness. Oh, well.

I have been off for the last 6 days, my lieu days for Christmas, Boxing day, New Year’s day and BC Family day. I am back again tomorrow then off again for 2. I hate to admit it by my anxiety and depression are so much lighter when I am not working. Just being able to wake up naturally makes such a difference. It is frustrating to know that I have no way that I can not work. Though I love what I do I do not love what it does to my heart, mind and body. And I know I will be working to at least 67, the new retirement age in my province. 23 more years. Fuck.

(I just ran downstairs and grabbed the laundry and folded it. Happy now, Grandmas?)

10 thoughts on “It isn’t Snowing

  1. Oh goodness Birdie….you and I have written about the same topic at the same time….except that we have exactly opposite takes on it. Maybe we could swap career lives? Or maybe it’s just the “grass is always greener syndrome,” who knows?

  2. I love the snow, we are due to get some tomorrow and Tuesday here in Montreal, but not a whole lot. Still, I am looking forward to it. As for our age 67 for retirement, it WAS 65 until the government decided to add two more years.

  3. There you go again thinking about other people first. Your Grandmas are probably looking down and saying “For crying out loud give yourself a break!”

  4. I would be all burned out if I had your job. Maybe even in a straight jacket. I just couldn’t do what you do without crying.

  5. In my part of the BC we don’t have any snow and it’s pretty much spring weather. We’ve been really loving the sunny weather too. We had our grass thatched and aerated because there is no snow and the ground isn’t even frozen.

  6. Hey Birdie,

    Yes, it’s actually me, Gary aka klahanie!

    I do believe that keeping active around the house can be a form of positive therapy. Sometime the motivation really needs to be found and I often struggle with that.

    No snow! Sounds like Vancouver most winters.

    Take care, eh! πŸ™‚

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