The Sun!

It makes such a difference doesn’t it? The sun is shining as if it meant it and there are blooms all over my yard. The daffodils and crocus and even the heather is blooming. So odd for February but I am not complaining. It has been so mild here that the mountain that runs the length of the city doesn’t have snow on it. I have never seen that in all my years. A bit worrisome when I think of how dry everything was last year but it is making for a nice winter. Spring is now less than a month away. We may not have seen the worst of winter yet but we are headed in the right direction. At least it is not dark at 4:45.

Helicopters are flying by and that means it is not a good day for someone. We live near a trauma centre and so it is not an unusual sound but there seems to be more than normal today. Speaking of which, our neighbour is not doing well. I mentioned before that he has cancer. He went into palliative to have some testing done but in that time he took a turn for the worse and it doesn’t look like he will be returning home. My heart aches for his wife of 43 years. And their children. Losing a parent can really knock you off your feet.

My (step) daughter (the nice one, not the crazy, scary one) came by today bearing gifts. That sweet girl. Everyone is spoiling me this year and I have to say it feels good. I am a Pisces (a double Pisces, actually) and we are known for putting ourselves after everyone and everything. Even when people want to be nice to me I put them off.

2015-02-20 02.05.03Here is something else I found in the city archives yesterday, Can anyone explain what on earth the writer meant? The original would be sealed up in the archives but when I was handed a thick folder of information this was in it. Would the writer have meant this as a jab because they had had a baby out of wedlock? She was 16 and he 30 when their daughter was born in January and they married the following year in April. Anyway, the wording is odd. Or to use the writer’s word, “unusual”. Maybe it was because of their age difference but that doesn’t seem likely because men often waited to marry until they were well established then took a younger wife who could bear children. It is especially strange because despite the baby born out of wedlock, they were a respected and loved members of the community. (And if you think babies born out of wedlock was not common back then you are greatly mistaken. I have been doing genealogy for about 12 years and would say it happened about 30% of the time.)

A Few Hours Later – I am home from my birthday dinner at my sister and BIL’s house. My nieces were as precious as can be and my littlest niece (she is 3) sat on one side of me and the older one (she is 9) on the other. We ate and ate and laughed so hard hard that our stomachs hurt. I opened presents and we sat around just enjoying each other. Family. I have such a good one. We are a rough bunch of people. None of us has much of an education to speak of. We are all unpolished but the love is so big. So big, My BIL is such a good daddy to his girls. He is quiet and gentle and it is obvious his girls adore him. I will say that it is amazing to hear just how much noise 10 people can make!

7 thoughts on “The Sun!

  1. Happy belated birthday sweet Birdie!!! I’m sorry I’m so far behind in my blog reading and commenting. And writing, for that matter. Glad to hear things are good. Xoxoxo

  2. That is a bit strange but I’m wondering if it’s because it was a “temporary church”. That term had me puzzled but I had difficulty reading the writing in small print at the end of the line. Maybe it was the location that was weird because it was a temporary church?
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your birthday with some wonderful family.

  3. I’m with Sparkless on this one. I think it might be because it was a temporary church.
    You’ve had a good birthday from the sound of things. I’m glad you had chance to enjoy yourself. Like you say – you tend to put yourself last. But you shouldn’t do that on your birthday!

  4. Here is wishing you a belated happy birthday. It sounds like you were treated well. I am most envious of your having daffodils already.

  5. Glad you had fun. Yes it sounds to me as if it was something to do with a wedding taking place in that church rather than the bride and groom’s circumstances that were unusual. To me anyway.

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