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I slept in ever so late and then got up and had a coffee and opened presents. I got this awesome thing that plugs into the tape deck of my car so I can use my MP3 player. My car is a 1997 Toyota that runs like a dream but only has a tape deck. Well that is no longer a problem! Yay!

Today I also finally went down to the city archives and found so many interesting things. One thing was a letter written 100 years ago today by my great x4 uncle. He would die not 4 months later in WW2 from a gun shot wound to the head. Sadly, I came across the telegram that said just as much. He was just a boy, really. Just 21. And I wonder if his mother ever recovered? Did he have a sweetheart that kept a picture of him in her bible?

There was also a dreadful entry on the ship’s log from the boat my family came over on in 1854. Apparently a mom gave birth and died en route. She was taken to land to bury but her baby girl survived. The poor baby girl died at sea 10 days later and the log said “she was thrown overboard like a dead cat”. My heart stopped beating when I read that. This was life in the 1800’s. You did not have a soul until you were baptized. (Which explains why many geneolgists can’t find birth certificates but can find baptism certificates). Anyway, the poor wee girl. If there is a heaven I hope she and her mom are together.

Anyway, my husband and I went out for Indian food and I had chicken vindaloo. Oh, so yummy! Tomorrow I am going to my sister’s for dinner and I will get to love on my nieces. Well, the little one anyway. She is 3 and loves to tell stories. My older niece is 9 and has likely had enough of my hugging. Too bad, sweet girl.

Norbert is actually sleeping beside me. He kept trying to escape but I stood strong and he knew he couldn’t win so he curled up at went to sleep. Here he is now because I posting from my iPod. Sorry it’s grainy.



12 thoughts on “My Day

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRDIE…. seems like you are enjoying discovering stories from the past even though some of them are sad indeed… still makes you believe that people struggle and sacrifice themselves for others to survive…

  2. Happy birthday Birdie. Sounds like a good day all round and tomorrow sounds just as lovely! How sad to think of the baby spending her first few days without her mother…..then, whoopsI can’t think about that anymore don’t want to imagine. Wondering how they fed her and oh dear! Hopefully there was someone comforting her and holding her, maybe her father or other relative. What horrors people have to live through, so harsh in some areas of the world still and in some situations. Not a good topic for your birthday Birdie! Have some lovely cuddles with your nieces and celebrate you and your sister’s lovely little(and not so little) ones that have so much hope and love for the future. Best birthday presents ever!
    PS thank you for sharing your favourite music, I am listening today as I work.
    PPS I loved reading your answers to the question about the qualities of your children, what amazing people they are! Xx

  3. Holy fuck…throwing a baby’s body overboard? That is shockingly harsh. Very interesting that babies didn’t get a burial if they weren’t baptized (which isn’t the kid’s fault at all). Wow.

    I love the interesting stories you have about your family history, and also I’ve been enjoying your music posts (always love those!).

    Happy belated birthday birdie, and I glad you were able to have a good day and receive some gifts that will give you pleasure. Hugs and love!

  4. Wow. They didn’t cushion the blow or couch death in easier terms, did they? I think it is a relatively new phenomena that we try so hard to make sense of death. Back then, it just happened.
    But I think you are right to wonder if mothers ever did survive the grief- if they managed to survive the births.
    Well, happy birthday again!

  5. My dad was born in Ladysmith and grew up just outside of Ladysmith, not far from the airport, or Carmichael Road. Small world.

  6. Happy b’day — great gift! Toyotas run forever. I kept my 92 Tercel for 22 years and only had to get rid of it when the floorboards rusted. Still ran like a top.

    That telegram is so blunt, isn’t it? No sugar-coating anything. It must have caused instantaneous heartbreak when it was received. Another harsh reality of war.

  7. It seems so rough back then in child birth etc….I had a great uncle that was killed young in that war too. He left crying saying I will never be back, and he was buried in France:( sad so young! On a happier note, glad to visit you

  8. Happy Birthday Sweet Birdie. And thank you for the beautiful song you sent to me. ❤ You are a precious soul and I am so grateful that I found you out here in the big internet world! :o)

  9. Hey! Happy Belated Birthday sweetie. I’m just getting around to some of the blogs that I read. So sorry I’m late.

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