Home Again, Home Again…

clockWe are home again and I came home and fell asleep. For some reason I could not fall asleep last night and was awake until 4:30. I had a lot of anxiety and feelings of total overwhelm. If I had been at home I would have got up and had toast and peanut butter with a glass of milk but instead I just stared at the ceiling. Actually, the hotel had a cool clock that reflected the time onto the ceiling. How cool is that? Or does everyone already know about this? We got up early and went for breakfast and then did some things around town which for me means I went in bookstores.

WTF? My husband just handed me a rabbit’s foot.  He bought a classic car yesterday and there was a real rabbits foot attached to the keys. I told his to throw it away because it is fucking gross. I touched it and now I feel like I need to be cleansed. ack Which brings me to another question. (Good husband. He took it outside. You can’t have shit like that in the house.)

judi – You rarely talk about your husband…why is that?

There are a few reasons. The biggest one is my blog is mine, all mine. I also don’t mention my kids very much. I do that for reasons of privacy and also to have a part of me that only belongs to me. When I am at home or work it seems I belong to everyone but myself but blogging is not for anyone but me. Here I am just “Birdie”. At home and at work I am someone else that isn’t always 100% me. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, I was so tired from not sleeping that I barely remember driving home. (I was the passenger.) I came home and emptied our suitcase and checked my e mail and then had a nap. It was so lovely! Now I am sitting here and wondering what to do about dinner but I am so relaxed from my nap that I don’t want to move.

PS – Tomorrow is my birthday and I am going to be 44. I have taken a few days off work, my lieu days for working Christmas, Boxing day, New Year’s and BC Family day. I will sleep in!

Addendum. I am now in bed and Norbert is letting me sleep on the same bed as he is. He says it’s my birthday present. I am not permitted to touch him though or he will run away. I am also not allowed to move in any way because that is forbidden. Ok. Never mind. He just ran away because he doesn’t agree with blogging. He is now in the kitchen eating Fancy Feast.

16 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again…

  1. You are so funny! I remember when those rabbit foot (or feet!) things were all the rage. I think I had one. I agree with you now that they’re gross, and I love the film clip that you included. Happy birthday, dear woman. I have been reading your blog since you turned forty, I think! And I’m grateful for you and your community!

  2. Happy Birthday.

    Your post reminds me of a very old joke:
    Boy: Hey look, I got this lucky rabbit foot!
    Mum: Didn’t do much good for the rabbit, did it?

  3. Happy Birthday Birdie! It sounds like you had a great early birthday trip.
    I’m laughing at your rabbit foot story. I never thought they were gross but I guess I can see how lots of people would. My kids always wanted animal furs and claws and stuff when they were little so we had a box full of odd things like bones, fur and a mouse skeleton that an owl pooped out that we found on hikes. The best thing my daughter found was a naturally shed deer antler. We still have that somewhere.

  4. I would so love to see the time on the ceiling! Nope, never heard of it. Yes all the older rabbits feet key chains used to be made from genuine feet. Not a pleasant memory. So happy your husband took it outside. Did he bury it? Hope you have the best birthday in the world!

  5. I almost let out a scream when I read about that peanut butter toast and a glass of milk…That’s what I do when I can’t sleep!! Also…that clock flashing time on the ceiling…that would drive me stark raving mad! Every toss and turn, every trip to the bathroom would remind me that the night was passing and I am not asleep! So glad that you feel rested. Happy Birthday Birdie!

  6. Happy birthday, dear Birdie! May there be light galore for you! And in all ways.
    Norbert. He and Maurice went to the same cat-training school.
    Sending love from Florida.

  7. Happy birthday, Birdie. 🙂 I hate sleepness nights like that and yes, I have had them. I hope your day and weekend will be fantastic.

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