Let’s See if This Works.

My husband and I have gone away for the night and I am posting from a WordPress app on my iPod. I have no idea how people use these tiny devices all the time. It took me a couple of minutes to write just this. Anyway, o am not home bit don’t rob my house because people are there. If you do please don’t let Norbert out because he kills birds. He will try to tell you that he is allowed outside but he is lying. Ok. We are off to dinner.


We are back at the hotel now and I added a picture.

10 thoughts on “Let’s See if This Works.

  1. That would be your IPad Birdie….not your IPod…..hahaha!
    I post from Florida using my IPad….hard work!
    You oughta try adding pictures!
    Hope you have a great get away with hubby…..truly I do♥️
    Linda :o)

  2. Haha! I hate posting from my phone. I end up sounding like I speak seriously broken English when I do. You did quite well! Next adventure, try the mic and dictate. It seems like it’s easier at first but it all goes downhill from there. 😉

  3. Technology can be a hard task master. You’re doing very well and learning lots, I can tell. Norbert is clearly practising his innocent demeanour. I don’t believe it for a minute!

  4. Love the photo!!
    I have an iPad that my son got me for my birthday last year. Unfortunately, I’m only using it for a couple of games, FB occasionally, music occasionally. I just really like my MacBook Air.

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