Questions and Answers

Some of you asked questions to the answers in my last post.

The Happy Whisk –  I came by a few times to ask you something but all the questions that I had in mind, just seemed too private to ask. Ask away my baking friend. I won’t answer if I don’t feel comfortable but it isn’t likely that would happen.

Heart In Hand –Is that a little natural curl in your hair? – I was born with hair straight as a poker. About three years ago that changed. For some reason it is now curly. WTF is up with that?

Now to answer more questions

Sparkless – (You are not sparkless at all by the way. You are quite sparkly.)  If you could give your younger self some advise what would it be?

Fuck Corey. I can still smell his skin and feel his body against mine. The weather was hot and the trailer was musty. I was already on the pill for heavy periods so it would have been safe.

Traveling Cats  – Which book or movie touched you the most last year and why?

That is a great question but I don’t know if I can answer. I rarely go to the movie but I did go see The Giver and was deeply touched. As for books, that is a hard question. I am always reading. I loved The Humans by Matt Haig. When I finished reading it I closed it and started it again.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) – What is one of your biggest pet peeves?

I get annoyed far too easily at so many things but unkindness is my pet peeve. Why can’t everyone just be kind? We don’t have to agree but we can still be kind to one another.

Granny Annie – Do you meditate? 

Yes,  I do. Most days I will spend a few minutes being mindful. I know I should spend way more time but I know this is a start.

Lolly – Are you aware that you are a wonderful Soul and that I feel blessed to know you?

Your comment made me tear up. I know I am a good person but I have my days. Trust me on this. I am blessed to know you, dear one

Leeanna – What would you do if you won $10million from the lottery?

I would retire. Then I would give some away. One million each to Hospice, the Child Development Centre and a local group that feeds the hungry and shelters the homeless. I would finish my dad’s cabin and pay off my sister’s mortgage. I would put enough away to take care of my children and help them get an education. As for the rest? I would love to move to one of the local islands and have a few acres with chickens and a cat rescue. I think I would like to visit England and look into my family’s past.

OK, that is it for today. More tomorrow and keep the questions coming.

13 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. A friend of mine went through chemo for breast cancer last year. All her hair fell out of course. She’d always had straight hair but when it grew back, it was curly. She said that this happens quite a bit in this situation and it’s called “chemo curl.” Odd, eh?

  2. I like this idea for a post and I especially like Lolly’s question which really isn’t a question at all but a sweet way to speak from the heart.

    So this is Family Day in parts of Canada (my Ontario included) and so I have a question about your kidlets. What are the three qualities that each of your kids possess which you admire/love the most?

  3. I love posts like this! I will absolutely have to do a few of my own! I’m sure I have questions for you… but will try to catch up a bit more first.

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