To Answer Some Questions

Annette asked – How did you get into caregiving? 

When I was very small I knew I was called to the caregiving field. I remember being about 6 or 7 and felt I would be doing something different with my life. I didn’t know it (or what it was) at the time but that was palliative care.  I love palliative care! I know I make a difference and have the ability to make dying a better dying. However, I was getting burned out so when my full-time position was dissolved I decided to go into home support. Little did I know that it would be just as exhausting but in a different way. My first full-time caregiving job was with a boy with cerebral palsy and I knew then I was working in my calling.

debrashewhoseeks  If you could live your life over again, what one thing would you change (if anything)?

Isn’t that a loaded question? It is the whole butterfly effect, right? If I change one thing maybe I would not be where I was today. But here it is. My virginity. I would not have waited until my wedding night. I would have fucked Corey’s brains out in his mom and dad’s camping trailer. I would have been 16.

Elephant’s Child – What do you value about yourself?

I value my sensitivity. I am a Highly Sensitive Person. It can be a blessing or a curse but for the most part I am glad I am the way I am. When I did the HSP test I scored affirmative in all but one.

morningaj – If they made a film of your life, who would you want to play you?

Kathy Bates! I love her! She pretty much did play me in Fried Green Tomatoes.

Elizabeth –  What do you look like?

I was going to do my hair and actually put makeup on (I almost never wear makeup) and change into some decent clothes. Instead, I just took a quick selfie just now. I am still wearing my scrubs, hair is not done and no makeup. Because this is what I usually look like. Tired and haggard. PS – I won’t be leaving this picture up for long because nobody I actually know reads my blog and I would be mortified if anyone ever found it.

Picture removed.

Stay tuned for more answers to your questions.

14 thoughts on “To Answer Some Questions

  1. You have such a cute smile! And I love the answer you gave to my question — and shit yeah, I shoulda fucked non-stop when I was young and toothsome too. What the hell were we thinking in those days?

  2. Hello beautiful woman! YES, beautiful. 🙂
    Sorry you didn’t get to rock that trailer.
    Neat post. I’m so behind…. again. *sigh*
    Have a nice weekend. x

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