Because all the Cool Kids are Doing it.

First, my brother is home from the hospital. He is tired. He is staying with my dad and I pray* hope that he is safe. I made him promise he wouldn’t hurt himself.

askSecond, Heart in Hand and Debra have both did an Ask Me Anything post. So here is your chance. Ask me anything and I will answer.**

*I wish I could believe in the power of prayer.

** Maybe.

21 thoughts on “Because all the Cool Kids are Doing it.

  1. Glad to hear your brother is home and I hope he keeps his promise.

    If you could give your younger self some advise what would it be?

  2. I’m glad to hear that your brother is home. I hope things get better. Please keep a close eye on him.

    I love this ‘ask me anything’ idea. I’m going to have to do it, too. As for a question, here’s one:

    What is one of your biggest pet peeves?

  3. What would you do if you won $10million from the lottery?
    Glad your brother is home with your dad. Praying he gets better.

  4. His is turning into a thing, cool!
    Here’s hoping the universe takes care of your brother.
    Do you buy your groceries at one store or do you shop around? What store(s)?
    Also, do you ever just go and sit on the beach and watch the ocean for hours? (I know where Birdie lives and if I lived there, I’d be blogging from the beach every day!)

  5. Do you have any dreams left for your life, and are you likely to complete them (it’s ok if they’re not complete-able dreams)? What gives you the most pleasure in life, and what gives you the most pain? How do you hang on through your depression?

  6. Glad to hear your brother is home. I’m sure he really values his family and the support you give.
    I’m late to the questioning session but what is the first record you bought or piece of music that you remember, and a positive memory associate with it? Xx

  7. Hi Birdie!! I am enjoying your answers to the questions. My question is this……
    You rarely talk about your husband…why is that?

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