And Another Day

I just had leftovers heated in a cast iron skillet. Our microwave broke a few months back and we decided not to replace it. I forgot how good leftovers can be when they are heated properly and not in a microwave. We do have an old microwave but are choosing not to use it. I won’t go all weird and conspiracy theory but I am not convinced that microwaves are even safe. So with that thought we won’t be buying another.

My brother is struggling. He also wrestles with the black dog. Right now he is about as worse as I have ever seen him. My dad called me last night because he is scared he may harm himself. He is on medication but it doesn’t seem to be helping. My brother is also a recovering alcoholic and attends A.A. and if you know anyone who has ever attended A.A. you know that they really don’t like taking any mood-altering drug of any kind. He has been very unwell for several months now and I am getting worried.

It is pouring like it should never rain again and I am watching the chickadees outside at the feeder. I wonder if they get grumpy on days like this? A man just jogged by and I wonder if he is insane to be out in weather like this. I wish I could take pictures of all the people who walk or run by my house. I live at the entrance to a provincial part and we have the most interesting people go by.

12 thoughts on “And Another Day

  1. I love my microwave. I’ll probably drop dead tomorrow because of it.
    I hope your brother is okay.
    I’d be one of those fools walking by your house twice a day, walking my black dog. Rain is better than snow insofar as you don’t have to shovel it, but rain = clouds and I can’t handle that. I need sun. Even if it’s the cold kind.

  2. So sorry to hear your brother is struggling with depression too. I hope he can get the help he needs and life brightens up for him soon. I see people ride by on bicycles in the snow in front of my house and of course the deer, racoon, and bear too.
    I love chickadees, they are my favorite birds. I have such fond memories of their sweet songs while we played in our yard when I was a child.

  3. So sorry to hear about your brother. I love birds, chickadees are so sweet. Birds, like most wildlife, tend to take everything in stride which is great.

  4. I am so sorry to hear that your brother is struggling. It must be so hard for you to see him hurting. Painful reminders.
    Sometimes walking in the rain (not that we get much) or the cold is the only thing which keeps my grasp on sanity. Just.

  5. There are plenty of treatments for your brother that don’t involve drugs but you and I both know they’re hard work. And when you’re as far down as you can go under the dog’s paw it’s the last thing you want to do. It’s such a vicious disease. Give him a hug (if he’ll let you) from me. In the end it’s all the same: one day at a time. Take care.

  6. A lot of food can be reheated in your waffle iron:) Yes I realize you didn’t delete me. Sorry but some days I am blind.

  7. A lot of food can be reheated in your waffle iron:) Yes I realize you didn’t delete me. Sorry but some days I am blind. (I forgot to change earlier comment to Granny Annie…sorry. See what I mean? LOL

  8. I only use our microwave when I forget to take something out of the freezer and need to defrost it in a hurry. David uses it most of the time to heat up Beenie Weenies (canned beans and hotdogs). I hate microed food.
    So sorry about your brother. I hope he ditches the black dog fast. Sometimes I wish there was some sort of magic shot we could get to keep depression away for good.

  9. No I haven’t heard from her in awhile and I have sent her a few messages,,,,I have been wondering if all is ok……obviously you haven’t heard from Sandy either……I pray she is o.k.

  10. When I first went to AA, I went to a meeting called “we are not doctors.” It was for people who had depression and other stuff and the title meant we weren’t in the position to say meds were good or bad for anyone else – it was great. That’s one of my beefs with some AA people. They wouldn’t tell diabetics not to take insulin. Anti-depressants are no different!

    I hope he gets some help.

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