Typhoid Mary


Typhoid Mary

Now there is a legacy to leave on the planet. Being the actual Typhoid Mary. Well today I am Rhinopharyngitis Birdie. At least it feels that way. Even though I pretty much quarantined myself to my bedroom I had to go out today and get food. I hate soup from a can and any soup that I had made in the freezer was gone. Off I went to the store looking very glamorous in my yoga pants and green fuzzy socks but I couldn’t make myself give a shit. I got what needed to be got and came home and threw a roast into the oven. No more soup and toast. I am going back to work tomorrow and will fill up on Dayquil- The Daytime, Non-Drowsy, Congested-Stuffy Head, Sore Throat, Cough, Aching, Fever So-You-Can-Get-Through-The-Day Medicine. Ya. Right. Actually tomorrow I have a respite client and that is the only reason I am going to work. I am past the ugly contagious stage and I can’t believe I wrote a whole paragraph on a cold. I am such a baby. Quite honestly, I want my mom! She always knew just what to do to make me feel better.

Target Canada is closing down. Now I have to find another pharmacist. My pharmacist is awesome and knows my name even though I only go there about once every few months.

I just did a marathon watch of The Selfridges on Netflix. It was OK. If you have watched every other show on Netflix and you have a cold in your head and nothing else to do I recommend it. The costumes are amazing and that is what kept me watching. Though I never would want to go back to the time of garters and corsets the clothing around the 1900’s was unbelievably beautiful if you had the means. It probably was a bitch when you had a hot flash though. Some women wore up to  8 or 9 layers. I get hot wearing a t-shirt. I can just see me back in 1904 getting really pissed off and removing layers of petticoats and getting arrested for being indecent. It would be akin to me taking a pair of scissors and cutting off my bra. One day. One day I will have enough and cut my bra off with scissors in a public place

Ok, I am making little sense. Time to go watch more Netflix.

11 thoughts on “Typhoid Mary

  1. I heard about Target Canada and it doesn’t surprise me. Why did they jump and open that many stores so quickly, anyway? If they had tried just a few, giving them a chance to see how they would do perhaps they wouldn’t have lost so much money and have to let so many employees go. Such a shame.

  2. I wasn’t surprised by the news about Target. They’ve been going downhill quickly since the beginning. And I agree with Linda. They should have started slow to test the Canadian market instead of opening so many stores. We have one within walking distance of our home and I never shop there. The prices are not that great and the stock is limited. Not a very impressive place.

    • Hey, Martha – they are the same here in terms of prices not being that good. There are some things that I’ll get there, but on the whole, if Target was gone forever, it wouldn’t matter on our end, either.

  3. Yeah, I couldn’t wear all those clothes, no matter how beautiful. I like walking too much. When I’m in the interventional suite I have to hear a lead apron, sterile gown, hat, mask and sterile gloves, and then I have a hot flash. OMG it’s hot under lead. Feel better soon Birdie.

  4. Dear Rhinopharyngitis Birdie, Thank you for making me laugh out loud! Down here in the United States, we have a saying …”I’m going to Target. See you in about $150.00.” I too get my meds from Target although my pharmacist doesn’t know my name. His name is Larry and he’s a jerk. 9 layers of clothing?! Are you fucking kidding me??? Most days I wear a tank top and only put the dreaded cardigan on when I go outside. I would have burst into flames back in the 1800’s.

  5. I always think about the women who lived in this house who had to wear at least modest garments and who did not have running water and who had to work in the garden and cook on wood and how in the world did they manage it during menopause? They were stronger than me.
    Feel better, dear.

  6. I heard about the Target shut downs in the news. More people out of jobs.
    Take care of yourself dear. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Hope you are feeling better now. Thanks for the new word today, I never knew what I was doing with my camera had a name. And I hear you about the clothing layers. I haven’t worn a pullover sweater, turtle neck or sweatshirt in over a decade, otherwise I could burst into flames with the hot flashes.
    I didn’t know about Target Canada closures. So sad.

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