My Dear Friends

I stay away from the news.  But how can I anyone stay away from the news these last few days?  When I am at home my husband, the news junkie, keeps trying to tell me about all the awfulness of not only our community but in the world. “STOP!”, I shout. I don’t want to hear it.

My dear friends, I read your posts and I can feel the sadness and fear. Hear this… We can’t keep giving in to it. It is killing us. The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is fear. If the media has us in fear they have us where they want us. When we fear we feel hopeless. But there is so much hope! Do you know who taught me this. You! All of you! My god, I read your blogs and I feel the hope. I read your posts and we are all so united. We live in different continents, have thousands of miles between us but we all hope for the same thing. In fact, what do we really have in common but hope? Isn’t it hope and love that unites us? If we can feel it here in our small blogging community there is a possibility of a world where love will overcome evil. Those that do evil are just parasites who live off our fear. They don’t have what we have. All they have is envy and jealousy and anger and hate. There are more of us then them. There is more love, so much more.

Don’t be dismayed, dear ones.

16 thoughts on “My Dear Friends

  1. Thank you Birdie. What beautiful reminders. I also think of step 1. I am powerless over the happenings in this world. I only have charge over my own behavior, my own responses…..other than that it’s all in Gods hands.

  2. I love the Jack Layton quote on your sidebar. You are so right that we need more love in our world.

  3. When he starts in, have you tried putting your hands over your ears, and saying, “I can’t hear you. Lalalala. I still can’t hear you.”

    That being said, I never allow the media to dictate how I feel.

  4. I stopped watching all news last summer and haven’t looked at it since…my life is too stressful at this point to take on any more misery. Maybe I’m “un-informed” on world events now, but at least I’m more sane!

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