Life as it Should Be

The company is gone and yahoo to that. I got my hair cut this morning and my eyebrows waxed. Today I cleaned up the house and did it ever need it. I even started putting away a few decorations because I am sick of looking at them. What is it with decorations? If anything happened to them I would feel heartsick but I really only like looking at them for about two weeks, maybe three and then it is time to pack them up again. We will take the tree down and have an undecorating party. Which is not a party at all but I figure if the four of us put it up the four of us can take it down. And then for a few days the livingroom will look huge when it is just a regular sized livingroom.

This is one of the stupid things I did last week. I was wearing yoga pants but they are an extra large and now that I have lost almost 25 pounds they are hanging off me and way too long. A normal person would have hemmed them properly. Me? I cut the hems… while wearing them. And it looks like I cut them while wearing them. Yes, sometimes I don’t think things through. I only wear these pants around the house but it is only a matter of time where I totally don’t give a shit about anything anymore. I will be one of those old lady’s that wear bright pink sweat pants with a maroon sweater. I saw this on an old lady once and I thought she was awesome. If we could all just not give a shit. Life would be so much easier.

Even with the company here today I cleaned the house because it was starting to drive even me lulu. The Ungrateful Bastard had peed on a towel we keep in front of the door to prevent cold air coming in and the whole house smelled. I couldn’t figure out where the stench was coming from. Now that I did we can all breathe again. I sprayed a lavender mist to get rid of any lasting effects. I wonder what the company thought? Remind me to give T.U.B. a kitty treat.

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  1. When I worked in retail, and I did for about 15 years, Christmas music would drive me crazy because I would hear it all day and every day while I worked. Now, though, I don’t mind it at all. Lavender has a lovely and relaxing scent, it certainly helps with bad odours.

  2. The Ungrateful Bastard is certainly related to Jazz. Jazz defiles the kitchen floor whenever we have visitors. And sometimes I sympathise with him.
    Yay for your awesome weight loss. And a spacious room, smelling of lavender.

  3. Omg the pants hemming story made me laugh right out loud! I can totally picture myself doing something similar, only I’d be in a rage and would be all like “what have I done?!” Afterwards. Lol!

    My Christmas stuff has been down since Boxing Day. I totally need to blog.

  4. You’ve got me laughing about cutting the pants, love it! As for the decorations, I’m hit or miss each year. Some years it doesn’t bother me up after the holiday, but this year was one of those where I wanted it down Christmas day. I held out until the day after though 🙂

  5. My cats hate the smell of lavender. So if there is something I want them to stay away from I spray it with lavender. It works for a few days at least. I’ve never had my eyebrows waxed and haven’t had my hair cut at a salon in years. It would be nice to pamper myself but I’m growing into old ladyhood and don’t give a shit anymore. LOL!

  6. I am totally with you on the decorations front. The tree’s down already, and the rest of the sparkly dangly stuff would be too if we both weren’t feeling so lousy with head colds! Of course we celebrate Yule so we start earlier than most. But I’m all Christmassed out now and I wish someone would just put everything away for me!
    I like the sound of pink sweat pants and a maroon jumper. 🙂

  7. I have been feeling guilty about the way I dress. I mean…it doesn’t matter to me but my husband has to look at me. And yes, pink sweat pants and a maroon sweater are coming up. God.
    Happy New Year, sweetie. Happy New Year.

  8. I agree with Mary…I don’t give much of a crap how I look anymore, but sympathize with my husband for having to lay eyes on me. I do way better in the summer and wear cute sundresses all the time, but in the winter when I’m out I’m always hidden under a long parka and a hat/scarf…which means I can get away with wearing all sorts of horrors underneath and don’t even have to style my hair. Thank god my son is not yet at the age where I can embarrass him!

    I suppose I must take our tree down (the only Xmas decoration I did this year) in the next few days. It will be a relief.

  9. OMG, but you do make me laugh Birdie! And I thank you for that. I too would’ve cut the hem on those pants but I would’ve done it in a rage and then been in a rage afterwards too. Sigh… I love your sense of humor…I get it. It makes me want to be best friends with you. Thanks for this post Birdie…you are saving me…heart, mind and soul. And I thank you for that too. XO

  10. Hi Barbara…..
    Great news on the weight loss….wish I could say the same…
    Still feeling like garbage…we can’t shake whatever this is…
    Happy New Year my friend…
    Linda :o)

  11. I finally got the decorations all put away. My house looked so forlorn without them. After that I spent the rest of the day on the heating pad.
    Happy New Year my dear. Hope it will be a better one for all of us. We deserve a good year.

  12. I enjoy your post, Birdie and guess what? I just now figured out how to follow a wordpress blog, in my Blogger dashboard.

    We have all our decorations up still and will keep them up for a bit longer, but I too cleaned the house today. So nice.

    Regarding company leaving, my short little Hungarian Gram would say in her thick accent, to those who were at her door and leaving. After a meal and long visit. She would put her little hand on their shoulder and say,

    “Thank you for coming, and thank you for going.”

  13. I hear you on the company! I do mostly enjoy having company- and more times than not we have some on the weekends- but oh to be able to go to bed when i want, or to eat what I want without having to make extra. I get cranky for sure if company stays too long ;). Currently we have a family living with us as their house is almost ready to move into, but not.quite. So for a few weeks they have been/continue to be here. I love them dearly, but man regular cycles change when there are others in our house, don’t they?!

    I noticed you mentioned UTIs. When I was battling through one, my friend at the healthfood store recommended D-Mannose and it was like a miracle worker!!!! Happy New year 🙂

  14. Yikes!!! No cat pee for me!!! T.U.B. is right. You are ahead of me. I have only lost 20 lbs. 14 more to go before hip replacement. My company is all gone and I miss them but do enjoy having my home back to myself. Plus my housekeeper came yesterday and I can enjoy the clean.

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