Happy Christmas

So this is Christmas and what have you done? What have you done? Well, I will tell you. All of you show me the rightness in this world. All of you show me that the world has so much love and that there is hope. You show my that there is still so much good. It is all around us!  And you show me that humans just may figure this all out. How can I ever express my gratitude? My god, I wish I could let you feel what I feel because during this last year it is my blogging community that has encouraged me  and loved me. When my world is chaos, you all keep me calm with not only your comments but your own blogs.

I love all of you and count you as my beloved friends.

Blessings. Namaste.

16 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Love you too Sweetie.
    I need you to know how much you are appreciated.. You opened your heart and let your pain flow on to this page and with that you opened the door for me to also step through and share my own.
    That GIFT you gave me lasts every day , all year long and into the next..
    Its ok if we have to some tough days- we’ll share them and make the burden a bit lighter and we’ll share the good times too which work as a constant reminder of the light behind the dark.
    it is after all , OUR cracks that let the light in…
    Merry Christmas and sending wishes for all good things to be in your life..

  2. Right back at ya, sweet Birdie! I look forward to another year of visiting, commenting and exchanging friendship!

  3. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family Birdie. May our parallel universes travel into some new wonderful surprises in 2015!

  4. I was out of town yesterday and didn’t get a chance to visit your blog. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I love the blogging world, too, and all the great people I’ve met in it. This video…sigh…ohmygosh, the things we do to each other. We MUST figure it out, and come together. We must.

  5. Merry Christmas, darlin. Giving you a great big warm virtual hug.
    Please don’t stop airing your grievances on your blog. I found that if you can write out your problems and get feedback it helps the person greatly. I may not be able to read your blog every time you post but I try. Love you more.

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