Will ye no’ come back again?

Isn’t that a line? I had a client say that to me today. She is from Scotland, of course. She can curse like a sailor and tells the best jokes. Suffice it to say I love going to her home. She is a true gem.

How did it get to the week of Christmas?

Cranberry juice. Some of you had mentioned cranberry juice for UTI’s.  I can’t begin to tell how much cranberry juice I have drank! Not cranberry cocktail but cranberry juice. 100%. It is not good; bitter.  I finally gave up on that (because it is loaded in calories) and switched to a cranberry supplement. My problem is remembering to take it. You have to take it everyday to prevent a UTI. Remembering anything everyday is a stretch. I do remember about 4/7 days but I guess it is not enough.

OK, get this. Tell me that I am totally sane or totally selfish. My husband’s brother’s ex-wife keeps calling him. She had remarried but her husband died this year. It was shortly after this she started calling. At first I didn’t mind. Then she invited herself and her daughter to stay the night in the summer. Again, I didn’t mind. Then she kept calling. Oh, not a lot but enough for my women’s intuition to kick in. Then, he gets another call tonight. She wants to come on Monday with her kids (my husband’s niece and nephew) and stay for a week. Over Christmas. And be here alone with my husband, while I am at work…alone. First, we made our plans for Christmas weeks (months?) ago and won’t even be home. Second, who does this? Who calls and invites themselves to stay in your ex-husband’s brother’s house. Anyway, my husband feels very uncomfortable and doesn’t know what is going on. We are not sure if she is just being friendly or being friendly. My woman’s intuition tells me she is being friendly and not just being friendly. Anyway, we already have plans with my dad on Christmas eve and my sister and her family after I get off work on Christmas day and can’t cancel with either of them so close to Christmas. We also can’t ask either hosts if we can bring three extra people along. Anyway, maybe I am being totally selfish with not wanting a woman I have met once that seems to have a thing for my husband but what would you do?

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  1. Tell her to go !#$%^^&& herself. But that’s me, and I’m kinda hard core.

    Can you tell me what dose of that Uvi Uvis or whatever it is you take for the UTIs? My mother in law is in desperate need of this info. She had a bladder repair many years ago that did nothing for her and she suffers constant UTIs. Right now she’s on the citrus drops which didn’t work, and neither did the cranberry. I’ll take whatever info you can give me!

  2. I just read your comment on Mary’s blog about your tree, Brianna. I love that story…and how you were able to save her from the ax. Sometimes friends come in strange forms just when you need them the most. Trees hold much magic for me…and it’s why I picked one to head my blog and be my gravatar. Well, yeah, my tree happens to be dead, but I love her anyway!

  3. I’m just as mean and selfish as you my dear. In fact I am more so as I am currently completely fed up as my husband invited his son to stay the weekend so he can be here for a meal I am cooking tonight which was meant to be just for my kids as I only get them together once a year and won’t see them again until New Year.

  4. It’s difficult to read someone else’s intentions. She seems desperate, so maybe she just needs someone to talk to. Maybe not. Don’t feel bad to say no to her if her presence doesn’t suit you.

  5. It’s rude to invite yourself to someone else’s home, especially at Christmas time. You can say no. I don’t know if she’s making a play for your husband but she is rude.

  6. I think cranberry juice is something that you either love…or hate. Personally, I like it, but I drink it occasionally, and when I am in the mood for it. Yes, 100% is the best way to go. Drinking lots of water is always a good thing, too.

  7. Do not do anything you feel uncomfortable about and clearly both you and your husband feel uncomfortable about these plans. Just say “sorry, can’t” and leave it at that — no explanation is owed.

    And yes, “will ye no’ come back again” is a line from an old Scottish folk song about Bonnie Prince Charlie. One of my faves!

    • Debra nailed it on the head. If you’re not comfortable, that’s something to be aware of and listen to.

      PS: I juice cranberries and yeah, it’s NOTHING like the stuff at the stores. But to me, I like that bitter, so YUM.

      Good luck, Birdie.

  8. I’d say no. Don’t feel bad. Say no.

    And I’m sorry to hear of your continued struggles with UTI. I am wondering whether you need to take probiotics or something to help restore the balance in your gut.

  9. Trust your instincts and say no.
    I wish I could. We are having a self invited guest arriving ‘some time’ on Christmas Day and ‘probably’ leaving some time the next day. I didn’t take the call and it isn’t convenient.

  10. Tell her to go play on a railway line! You have plans already that have been arranged for months. She CANNOT butt in to your holidays. Tell her I said so.

  11. Hey birdie, do you remember awhile ago when you were working on a cross stitch design…did you ever post a pic of it on your blog? I remember it was a pretty large design and sounded cool. I’ve taken up the needle again to try and calm myself down…I’m doing a cross stitch that has a poem and a scene about the month of November. I’d love to see what yours looks like!

  12. I’d love to hear anything being said by someone from Scotland. I love the accent.

    And hey, learn to say no without explaining. This is something I learned from my husband. He just says “sorry, I can’t” or “sorry but it’s not possible”, stuff like tat, and stops there. My whole life I spent rambling on and apologizing. Then I married this man and picked up his wonderful habits. You have no idea how liberating it is to just say “no” and end it right there.

    Listen to your feelings. If it feels wrong, it probably is. And who the heck invites themselves to your house, anyway?

  13. I agree with the “if it feels wrong don’t do it” brigade. We don’t listen to our gut feelings very often – we’ve learned to suppress that I think. Say it’s just not convenient and that you have other plans.

  14. I would just tell her flat out that you have plans that can’t be changed and there isn’t room in them for her. Who does that?! I’m totally the jealous type so my spidey senses would be tingling too. She’d probably get a throat punch if she showed up, the kind of mood I’m in lately! Lol!

    Sorry about your UTI. Maybe your PH is off?

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