Home is Best

homeIt was a long, wet and rainy day and I am so glad to be home. We have had so much rain we have been put on a boil water advisory. So far, we have had 87 mm (3.425 inches) in two days. That is a lot of rain. It is especially sucky to be out in it. I came home from work and the hem of my scrub pants was soaked. I tore them off and got into my flannel pyjamas. I am now sitting on the couch with no intention of moving except to heat some leftover stew. So, the fire is on and I have my feet up and I am feeling warm and toasty. I wish I could have a nap but then I won’t sleep tonight and then I will be tired tomorrow and then I will need another nap… and on it goes.

My husband is out and I have nobody to rub Voltaren on my neck except my daughter. I know I will get the epic eye roll if I ask her. I can’t wait until I am super old and living with her and then she can put on my hemorrhoid cream.

collarNorbert, The Ungrateful Bastard is sleeping in front of the fireplace all stretched out long like. If I wasn’t so lazy I would take a picture. Sheldon, our other cat is also sleeping and snoring. They have both have difficult lives. You know, sleeping and eating and doing nothing. Norbert is sporting his Christmas collar. He has scratched it all to hell but it still rings nicely when he moves. He pretends to hate it but I know how flamboyant he is and know inside he secretly loves it. The collar came with a Santa hat but he doesn’t like to wear it when we are at home.

Ok, I am going to go watch last night’s Modern Family.

15 thoughts on “Home is Best

  1. glad you got home safe in all that rain.. yes jammies and a fire going makes life good. I still get 1 pair of footie jammies for Christmas every year..
    you should try some of that rool on neck medicine,, then you dont need anyone else to rub it on.
    stay dry an warm and have sweet dreams when sleepy time does arrive.
    it makes my heart smile to hear you sounding good. know what I mean?

  2. Oh god you make me laugh!
    I read my boyfriend your post…..and guess what? He laughed too!
    So glad your humour is back dear…..very happy!
    Enjoy your boiled water!
    Linda :o)

  3. The good thing I like about cold and messy weather is getting home, putting on my pajamas and snuggling with my cat; and, of course, a hot chocolate.

  4. Yes there is nothing quite like getting back and knowing you haven’t got to go out again. My older daughter does the same kind of work as you and works shift hours. Even if she gets back in the middle of the day she puts her slouch pj’s.

  5. We are getting rain but not nearly as much as you have. I always take the bells off my cats collars because that bell tinkling all night keeps me awake wondering what the heck the cats are up to. Remind your daughter when she’s sick and you bring her a hot drink or make her some soup that we all need loving comfort sometimes.

  6. I love driving in inclement weather. I always have. It’s 68 here but it feels like in the 80’s because of the humidity. I love this weather but my body revolts in anger.

  7. At least you don’t have to shovel rain! 🙂
    I’ve been home for five minutes and have had to let the cat in, the dog out, then in, then clean up cat barf twice, and now he’s downstairs meowing. I wish these two would get it together!
    Wasn’t MF hilarious?!

  8. Hahaha…what a fun post! All that rain is someplace else’s snow. I think I’d rather have the rain. Well, I’d really rather have neither one but that won’t happen. Your cats live the same life my cats do. Sleep, eat, poop, make demands…repeat. A very cushy life.

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