christmasThat there is the reason I want to skip Christmas this year. For some reason, both of my teenagers are acting especially entitled lately, like the world owes them a favour and that life isn’t fair. I don’t even want to get into all the reasons because it just makes me angry. Christmas takes so much work and I work Christmas, Boxing and New Year’s Day. Fuck. So I will do all the work and just exhaust myself to the point of severe depression and god-forbid, end up in the hospital like I did last year. As it stands now I have no interest in putting up a tree or buying presents or doing anything. My sister (bless he heart) is cooking dinner this year but just the thought of driving to her home and being with her very loud (as they should be) 2 and 8 year old exhausts me. Maybe I am feeling this way because I have to work. Maybe it is just the time of year where I am reminded that many of the people I loved most in life are dead. Maybe it is the dark days, It is most definitely time to make a Winter Solstice Box again and light it on fire on the 21st.

I think it is time for a larger than usual glass of wine.

20 thoughts on “Humbug!

  1. My sister-in-law sent me a text today asking if we were going to have Christmas at my house this year. I said, “Lord, no. I am NOT a Christmas person.”
    I haven’t heard back from her.
    You sure aren’t the only one.
    Fuck it.
    Christmas, I mean.

  2. Christmas is hard. Its so loaded with expectations. I think its such a foreign idea to most of us to set limits and ONLY DO WHAT WE ARE COMFORTABLE AND ABLE TO DO. The mere idea of that used to be so heavily laden with guilt for me. Now its only mildly laden with guilt. Progress! LOL We don’t have our tree yet. There are no decorations up…..I do have some gifts purchased, but have a ways to go. Its my holiday too though! And I want to be able to enjoy it. I am the only one who ensure that that happens. ❤

  3. Tell the kids to do the Christmas tree and bake the cookies. They are both most certainly old enough and capable enough to do some of the work. Get them involved in the Christmas activities and not only will they have more fun but you will do less work. It sucks to work Christmas and all the other holidays. My husband has worked pretty much every holiday for years. If I had a large house I’d be happy to host Christmas supper but as it is my house is too small for the four people who live here already. So we go to my parents house and everyone brings a few dishes so mom doesn’t have to cook everything. We also make sure that the dishes get done so she isn’t left with all the clean up. With many hands the work goes quickly and we have fun chatting and laughing while we clean up the kitchen. Like Annette said it’s your Christmas too and you shouldn’t have to do all the work so that everyone else can have a good time.

  4. If your teens (and more teens, not just yours), took some time out of their day to volunteer at a homeless shelter or similar place, I think it might help them to appreciate how fortunate they really are, and to see that there are so many others who have so much less than they.

  5. Wine o’clock is frequently a life-saver.
    All I want for Christmas is Boxing Day, when the fuss is over and civilised behaviour can start to return. In your case… the day after that.

  6. I try to tell myself it’s only 2 days, especially as on the day after Boxing Day I fly out to the States with my younger daughter for a bit of winter sun. I don’t mind decorations, or present buying, it’s the extended family tensions I can do without.

  7. I feel your humbug! I always used to dislike Christmas and some years that feeling was very bleak indeed. This year everyone around here (close family) is already in the Christmas spirit while I am still working and scrambling to get everything done whilst feeling pretty exhausted! Moan moan. I’m feeling a bit sad too about time passing and guilty about past mistakes that have hurt others. Boo hoo! I’m sure that once it all starts I will feel fine. Wine will help, plus savouring all the loved ones that are still here and the fact that I am still here too! In addition it is our baby granddaughter’s first Christmas so fun and laughter will be in plenty!
    Teenagers! Phah! Young adults too! Phah! You can sort them Birdie, if anyone can!

  8. I have outgrown Christmas for the presents, trees and lights and it is now my special celebration of the birth of Christ. I love to see my children and grandchildren get caught up in the swirl and enjoy the decorating and thrill of Christmas morning and I do not envy them one bit. My time for that is done and I can simply be excused by saying, “Oh, I’m too old for that.” LOL

  9. I hope you cheer up, Birdie! It’s a wonderful time of year and I wish for the true spirit of the season to visit you. It’s not about gifts, as you know. And like you, I’ve lost people I love so very much; two of my favourites in fact: my father and my brother. But how about a different perspective? Being blessed for having been able to experience such great love and such great relationships. And have so many beautiful memories because of that. Not everyone is so lucky. So although I miss my father and my brother horribly, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to share many years of my life with them. And for that, I am grateful. Eventually everyone moves on. We can’t control that.

  10. Sending hugs woman. I wasn’t going to put up a tree and once I gave myself permission to not put it up, I didn’t feel like it was a burden anymore. So I put it up and only put a few ornaments on it. Not sure if I’ll bake this year. We’ll see.

  11. Back in the days when I worked Christmas Day I used to look forward to a bit of time to myself after I finished my shift and while everyone else was busy doing a heavy dinner, and silly jokes and party games and the Queen’s speech. It was amazing the number of people who would say “You CAN’T spend Christmas Day alone!!!!!!!!!!” WHY THE HECK NOT?????????????????????????
    We’re going out for a curry again this year. So we’ll have a bit of toast and maybe a treat like smoked salmon or something, Spend all morning opening pressies (stuff 2 stockings with loads of little things so it takes ages. I did them back in September and hid them so I don’t feel stressed about it now. ) Then get showered, dressed and stroll over to the restaurant where I shall spend a restful afternoon grazing on wonderful celebration Indian food (Which is NOTHING like you get on a normal day in an Indian restaurant.)

  12. For years now my wife and I are giving each other the best gift… nothing! We don’t fret about trying to find what would make that night the most memorable night, it is 1 day out of 365 other day. We don’t feel like we need to do extra to show each others our love, it’s a daily thing, not a one ‘magical’ night… Last year was a really bad year as far as Christmas, my wife was in a battle with cancer and we had no energy to get into the holiday spirit. We didn’t focus on the material giving, we focus on spending time with our daughters and that was the best holiday I think.

  13. For you Birdie…

    In this season of waiting,
    breathe in life.
    Life of the One
    who created all things,
    whose image we bear.
    In this season of waiting,
    breathe in love.
    Love of the One
    who gave a precious Son
    to live as one of us.
    In this season of waiting,
    breathe in peace.
    Peace of the One
    who calmed the sea
    and quiets the tumult of our souls.
    In this season of waiting
    breathe in hope.
    Hope that the One
    for whom we wait
    is indeed making all things whole.
    by Christine Sine

  14. I do understand…my autistic kid simply cannot handle the sensory overload of Xmas, and it makes it very difficult for all of us. Loved the cartoon at the top of your post! Moms have an impossible job.

  15. David and I celebrate Yule and only give gifts if we NEED them and not want them. I don’t decorate that much either. We don’t have children to celebrate Christmas for. I tend to keep it simple like every day stuff.

  16. I personally like Christmas, and I always try to get the most out of it. But it shouldn’t be an obligation to anyone. Not everyone thinks alike. Wishing you lots of courage.

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