It Ain’t all Roses and Sunshine

There are parts of my job that are not all sweet and loving. I have to be all cryptic here for the sake of privacy but there was an incident where I was in an unsafe situation and the police stormed into a home I was in. It was an reportable incident that involves reporting to Worksafe and possible counseling. What I do used to pretty much involve the elderly and people that are not able to care for themselves but we have crossed a line where we are caring for people with mental health and addiction issues. Anyway, I am fine. No physical harm was done but I was very scared. There is a reason they pay us as well as they do with tremendous benefits and extended health.  I would not do this job otherwise, just because there are days when it isn’t sweet old men and women handing out candy.

10 thoughts on “It Ain’t all Roses and Sunshine

  1. so sorry you had a bad experience, but so happy you are safe and help arrived in a timely manner..
    you are KIND and Brave..

  2. I understand completely. I worked on a locked inpatient psychiatric unit for over a decade as a RN. One of my coworkers was raped and killed on the unit, one patient was killed by another patient the next week, and twice the SWAT team had to break into our unit and rescue nurses duct-taped to chairs and held at knifepoint. Working with the mentally ill isn’t for the faint of heart. I hope you only have occasional contact with clients who are potentially violent…..if the ratio starts to get too high you might want to reconsider. I eventually decided my psych job wasn’t worth the risk to my life and body.

  3. Oh gosh, I am so glad you are alright. It sounds very scary. Do you work for an agency? I am self employed and I don’t make a huge amount of money or have benefits (except through my husbands job) but I also have never in all of my years of doing this, been in that sort of a situation! I get to pick and choose and make my own schedule. My problem is its so hard to say “no” when you know they really need the help. There are only so many hours in a day though. Again, so glad you are ok. ((hug))

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