Such Sweetness

I go and visit a very old man who is all but blind. When he answers his door he shuffles up and takes my hand and every time there is a caramel in his old wrinkled hand. He looks at me with his watery eyes and thanks me for coming. We visit. He tells me about Russia, his home that he misses. His wife is gone. He is lonely for her. I care for him. Being so gentle, making sure I put everything back exactly where I found it. At the end of our visit my heart aches because I don’t want to leave him in this sad and lonely state. He shuffles up to me again and puts his hand out, his thick Russian accent, “Here is your goodbye caramel”. My heart swells and breaks just a little. The all consuming sweetness of it. This man. Oh, god, How he makes me forget the news with all hate and anger. A soul that is all alone in the world, loving and giving away caramels just because he is grateful that we show up.

18 thoughts on “Such Sweetness

  1. What a beautiful story. We are so lucky to get to work with these people. There are so many sweet stories…..I think we should write a book! : )

  2. you made me cry but thats ok.. I wish I knew how to find some of those folks around where I live, as I am certain they exist, I just dont know where. How I would love to share some time with them as I am often lonely too. My friends and folks my age all want to talk about decor or some gossipy crap.
    I’d love to hear the stories these folks would have to tell and we’d both WIN. My attention would be my gift to them and their stories there gift to me. it would be like the bestest Christmas, every day.

    thanks for being YOU~! your words help restore my faith in mankind.

  3. I bet your visit is the highlight of his day. It must be so rewarding to know you make a difference in so many people’s lives.

  4. Lovely! These moments are the best! Glad he has you calling and glad you have him touching you with his story and giving you his gifts! I have a lady I keep in touch with from a support role a few years ago, she rings and sometimes I visit. Against all the rules if I was still doing the role but ok now I have left. She lives a distance away now. She has no one else really and copes ok without people, she doesn’t really like people lol. She left me a voice mail recently with good news, it really made my day!

  5. I am glad you see the old man’s beauty. He is ‘a job’ but he is so much more: a fellow creature in need of succour, kindness and fellowship. I am glad you are the kind of person you are.

  6. Heartbreaking story yeah. People like him fascinate me… a whole life full of stories and experiences. I would be glad to visit him and it’s fantastic that you can give him something to look forward to 🙂

  7. What beautiful encounters you share with this man. And told so tenderly. Thank you for being there for him, Birdie.

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