One More Day

I have one more day of work then I am on days off. Maybe I am speaking too soon but I am actually really enjoying my new position working days. Though more hectic, I am off in the early afternoon. If I had chosen an afternoon position I would be driving around in the dark and rain so working days is awesome in that aspect. It is sad though because the other day I was at the office and I overheard a new staff member complaining about having to work nights. That was my position! They are getting casuals to work nights now. It is a shame because patients that need night workers need consistency in care and they won’t be getting that with a causal worker. This worker was not happy about having to work nights which is also a shame because who wants someone caring for them while they are dying who is not passionate about what they do? At any rate, it is out of my hands and I think the powers that be that made the decision to eliminate full-time night staff are going to regret it. At the end of the day (or night!) it is the patients who are going to lose out. Anyway, so far I am enjoying my day shift as long as I can be asleep by 9:00 p.m. An added bonus is having time to go swimming everyday after my shift is over. This week alone I swam six hours. Anyway, I am still out there making a difference and making someone’s life better.

gpsI have a new boyfriend. I call him Grover. Grover is who I want to marry if my current marriage fails. Grover is my G.P.S. and oh, he is always so reliable and patient with me. Whenever I am lost, which is almost all the time he takes me to exactly where I need to go. If I go past an address he patiently tells me to turn around when I can safely do so or he plans a whole new route based on what I want to do and where I am going. I have a hard time trusting Grover because I have always been independent and relied on maps or memory but Grover is so precise and has not made a mistake yet. Yes, sometimes he tells me to go a direction that I don’t think is the best route but so far I have not missed a destination. If you ever considered getting a G.P.S. I highly recommend getting one. I have a TomTom.

9 thoughts on “One More Day

  1. I hope you and Grover have a long and satisfying relationship, and I hope your husband can accept modern ways!

    Your thoughts about casual workers has me thinking. How is it that the guys upstairs have so lit, tle regard for people and so much for the bottom line? Drives me crazy. It’s the same way in education. So long as we get the numbers right, all is well.

  2. Cheers to Grover! I got totally terrible directions from Google maps yesterday, and my phone saved my ass.

    I don’t understand why anyone would work with dying people if they weren’t compassionate (and passionate about it.)

  3. Love your Grover. What a fab name he has.
    Glad you are enjoying your days and wow you are doing great with your swimming. It’s sad about the night staff feeling this way, I hope that some of them at least have your passion and commitment.

  4. Your patients are so lucky to have you. I am so grateful that you are back in your life and moving forward. We had a rough year, didn’t we? Well, we survived. And you- gosh. I’m just so proud of you!

  5. I think day shift agrees with you!!
    I call my gps Mavis. I tell my hubby we should change the voice to male because he doesn’t listen to the the female voice, I think it’s out of habit, LOL !

  6. My husband works only day shift now too after years of shifts that included lots of night shifts. He feels so much better now. It was always so hard for him to get enough sleep in the daytime especially when the kids were little and made so much noise. I think those night shifts get harder as you get older too. Anyway I’m glad you are enjoying your day shifts. I’m sure you are making a difference for your patients.
    Grover sounds great and is my favorite muppet.

  7. We have a Garmin and Ron yells at it sometimes. lol He’s very good at finding places, internal GPS or something, but for longer trips he thought it would come in handy. It probably would benefit me more, I just have some technology blocks or something. I don’t even have a smart phone.

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