First Day of New Posting

I started my new posting today at work and the schedulers must have decided to go easy on me because all I had were two respite clients. The first one started at 8:00 and the last person ended at 3:00 so it was in that sense an easy day. But I was so tired! I felt like I had jet lag. I am used to nights so I imagine that is going to take a while to get out of my night routine. At one point I was close to nodding off and for me that is very unusual. There are people out there that can sleep anywhere. I am not one of those people. I need to be in my own bed, facing east, CPAP machine on, my own pillow, cotton blankets… Yes, I am very specific. If my husband and I go away I have to make sure I bring along melatonin or it takes me hours to fall asleep and then I am tired the next day. Anyway, I was so tired. To add to that I forgot my energy bar on the counter and I didn’t give myself enough time to get a cup of coffee at Tim Horton’s. All my fellow Canadian will know the importance of getting a coffee at Tim Horton’s. It is Church for some Canadians.

After work I went swimming but left early because there were two creepy men in the swim lane just watching women swim by. You are not supposed to stop in that lane and not only were they creepy they were in my way because they were where you are supposed to turn around. With regard to the post below, they were a mixture of The Visitors and The Hot Tubbers. I think I will make a new category called The Perverts. I didn’t try to look if they had Speedos.

I did another thing that proves I am becoming my mother. Before I went on holidays I put my work key in a place I knew I would not forget. The key is for a government medical building and if you lost it Christy Clark will banish you from the province of British Columbia. It would be like meeting with satan and being banished to hell. (Have I ever done a tirade on how much I hate our Premier?) OK, maybe I would not have to meet with C.C. but it would be a very bad thing to lose the key. So anyway… I put the key away in my work bag. Except I didn’t because it wasn’t there so I know I put it with my work stuff that I keep in my trunk like gloves, bed bug suits, gowns for infection control etc. Except I didn’t put it there either because I put in in the drawer by the washer/dryer. Again… no, not there. Fuckity. Now I am panicking. Checked my nightstand. No. My purse. No. Then I finally remembered just as clearly as I remembered the other five places I put it. Turns out I put in a basket in the bathroom with my work I.D. that is penalty of death or dismemberment if lost.

9 thoughts on “First Day of New Posting

  1. You always make me laugh Barbara…..which is a very good thing!
    You’ll adjust to work….give it time.
    Perverts? They are EVERYWHERE! Geesh!
    Report them at the desk…that’ll fix em!
    Enjoy your weekend…garbage weather here. :o(
    Linda :o)

  2. I am so glad you found your key and ID. Jesus. The things I lose. And my husband is worse. He has more things to keep track of than I do, admittedly, but he spends half his life looking for stuff he can’t find.
    I like my sleeping arrangements to be just so as well. My own pillows, my little fan. And my cat on my legs or cuddled up beside my hip. The comforts of home.

  3. I am all too familiar with that sinking feeling at losing something important. Sweaty palms, lurching tummy, wildly beating heart. Some days it is the only exercise I get.
    I do hope that chlorine gets into the peverts eyes…

  4. OH, I’m so behind. Wish I could get to a pool, or to a gym… no, I actually don’t. The workout equipment in the basement would be fine. Except for it’s down there, and I’m up here, and … well… yeah.
    I lose things all.the.time.

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