And Away and Back Again

My husband and I spent two more nights away, this time in Victoria. We didn’t have anything planned and just wandered around. We went to Munro’s bookstore which is a must-see while in Victoria. It is one of the few bookstores that has not had to close down because of big box stores. While there I saw this…


Who the in hell knits the royal family? Even if you knit and love the royals this seems to be going too far. When you knit a royal family, the royal wedding no less, you will leave them to your children and they will fight over who has to take them because nobody will want to throw them out.  My apologies to anyone who loves the royal family. But knitting them?

This is a picture of the ceiling in Munro’s. Of course, the picture does not do it justice. But I tell you, I could spend hours in that place. It has alcoves and cubbies and you can find a spot to sit for hours and read. Oh, bliss!

2014-10-21 16.27.00

I just remembered another fear that stems from my childhood. Mannequins.


They are scary. Terrifying, We were in a store in Victoria and they were everywhere. I had to plan a route through the store with the least amount of freaky mannequins and then I had to choose which ones would least likely reach out and grab me and steal my breath. Because that is all they need. One breath then they can take your soul and you are left being the mannequin.It is fucked up.

I saw about 8, 252 books that I wanted to buy but settled on two. The first one was the sequel to The Rosie Project called The Rosie Effect. I also bought another book but I am too tired to remember the title. It is by that guy, the one that writes about shit he does for a year. meh Anyway, it was on sale so I bought it. All his other books are fair to middlin’ so I thought I would give it a try. Hats off to his wife who has had to put up with all his escapades.

My iPod charger broke and they sent me a new one. I have to return the old one so I called UPS to pick it up and they all but wanted my blood type. Fuck! Just pick up the damn envelope! I don’t want to set up and account and wait on hold while you punch in all my personal information. meh Traveling makes me grumpy. Actually, knowing I have to go back to work tomorrow makes me grumpy. I have that sad, heavy, impending feeling of doom. Does anyone else get that?

Here are some buildings in Victoria. It is a very old city for the west coast. Brand new for those of you in the east. It was established circa 1843. Of course, the natives were here well before that.

2014-10-21 19.10.24

Here is a picture of a wasp’s nest my husband and I found on the ground. In the centre is the larvae which would have one day birthed a queen bee. It was at a beach that is very busy in the summer so maybe next summer people will be free from the wasps reign of terror. Evil little fuckers.

2014-10-15 14.31.18-1

9 thoughts on “And Away and Back Again

  1. ups can be a pain in the ass for sure. I have all but quit online ordering in order not to have to deal with the -as advertised:( ooooooooooo so simply returns… yeah right, that’ll be the day..

    glad you had a fun trip and a few days away.

    these bipolar meds are doing a real number on me. if I take them as perscribed I cany think right- decorate or do much of anything else.. Heck I have to do a thorough check of the house each morning and so any cleaning that needs doing before I take the first pill..
    anyway- take it slow going back to work and I’ll do some deep breathing on your behalf..

  2. Mannequins are super creepy. Can you imagine being accidently locked in a store all night surrounded by these evil things? Clowns are super creepy, too.

    I’d LOVE to visit Victoria. I am under the impression that it’s a gorgeous place. Maybe I’ll find out one day.

  3. There was a t.v. show here in the ’70s called Kolchak, The Night Stalker. It was about a reporter (fictional) who invested bizarre crimes. One of the episode had mannequins coming alive. They didn’t steal breath but I think they threw a guy out a window. So it’s okay to be afraid, very afraid. 😉

    Books… bookstores… YES!! Munro’s I would like very much.

  4. Had the pleasure of going to Victoria many moons ago…..Beautiful!
    There was a gay parade while we were there….
    And I visited Butchart gardens….lovely!
    Nice that you both got away together…
    Good luck back at work….
    Linda :o)

  5. Great photos! 🙂 Although I consider myself to be an organized person, I find that with vacations it is more fun to be spontaneous and to not have too much planned, because this gives one the opportunity to see more things that we might otherwise have missed with too busy a schedule. As well, it is more relaxed this way.

  6. Gawd, now I wish I could knit.

    I LOVE Victoria. It’s been 3-4 years since I last had the pleasure of being there. Love Munro Books too. Now I have a hankering to jump on a plane. Maybe in 2015 I’ll go again?

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