Some People Should Never Zumba

A while back I thought it would be a good idea to buy a Zumba CD for my Wii. It was only today that I tired it for the first time and ohhhh, it was not a pretty sight. Normal people who do Zumba look like this…


I look like this…


I am not kidding though I wish I was. Add a pair of yoga pants and a lot of sweat and you get me doing Zumba. When I started the workout I was home alone with the living room curtains closed. My son arrived home and come upstairs and proceeded to laugh at me. The sweat was pouring off me. I had gone swimming this morning and I was wetter with this workout than the one in the pool. When I was finished I took off my sweaty workout clothes and when I dropped them to the ground they thudded. Honestly though, I have never been coordinated. I was the last or second to last picked for an competitive sports. (Something I still have not recovered from emotionally so thank you Tanya B., Joanne F., Sean S. and Cindy P.) This unearthly uncoordination can only have been a recessive gene because everyone else in my family can walk without tripping and go up a flight of stairs and stay upright. My husband, bless him, ย is always very helpful when we go for walks and holds my hand like I am 3 because he has seen me in action. Anyway, Zumba didn’t really work out and after 20 minutes I thought I was going to DIE. Holy crap. I should have lost the last 20 pounds but I weighed myself and nope…still up there.

15 thoughts on “Some People Should Never Zumba

  1. But your moving, that’s the important thing. And you haven’t quit. I quit and need to start again. You are inspiring me to get moving again!

  2. It doesn’t matter what you look like.. but it does matter if you feel disheartened by it. That’s exactly how I feel about yoga. Find something that’s better for you.. or just ignore that mirror and have fun.

  3. I agree with the above comments! You have not given up and you are moving! And the last image put a smile on my face. I think many of us would look like that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’m more irritated that your son would laugh at you ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Kids can be jerks at times. I was also picked last for sports at school…but I don’t remember the bullies names anymore nor do I care to. can be jerks sometimes. Bravo to you for exercising!! I should but I don’t.

  5. I hear ya! That was me too. Everyone was going left, and I was going right. They were going up, I was going down. And it killed my knees, all that switching directions – so I gave up in a sweaty heap! LOL

  6. Sounds like it was a really good workout though!. and remember it was the 1st time. Maybe you’ll feel a bit more rhythmic next time ..? ๐Ÿ™‚
    but yes.. possibly when no one else can bear witness!

  7. Hahaha!
    I am starting back this am…..I am lumpy…..want to lose the lump!
    Starting logging in Lose It again….are you on there?
    Send me a friend request!
    We can compare meals!
    Keep it up Barb… go girl!
    Linda :o)

  8. OMG, that picture made me laugh! The first one…well, I guess everyone looks ridiculous doing Zumba. I ONLY work out at home with curtains closed, btw.

  9. Okay that takes care of my curiosity about Zumba. They just lost one sale on CDs. Also I have some memorable friends to thank for junior high harassment that nightmares are made from….Twyla and Zelma. (I kid you not, those were their names.)

  10. I think you get points for trying!! I definitely need to find an exercise I can stick with… it’s getting cold here so walking outside won’t work, and our basement (where we store the workout equipment that I will one day sell for books) is like an episode of Hoarders… so I’d roll an ankle just getting to the treadmill. I bought a DVD one time of belly dancing. Thought that would be fun. Two sexy, cute chicks with beautiful bodies, tight abs, lovely hips…. well, I did try to keep up. Then I just laid down on the floor and laughed and laughed. I had probably invented some form of twerking right there and didn’t know it. Yup, a lot of weird twisting and jerking. lol

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