Peeing my Pants, Locked Seat Belts, Suet, the Dentist and Stuff

What do all these things have in common? They were part of my day. So here is another Day in Dashes.

-Dentist appointment. Though I adore my hygienist and my dentist is awesome I hate going to the dentist. My hygienist and I talk more than she actually spends time cleaning my teeth. My dentist is laid back and funny. But every time I go to the dentist I get a headache, a sore neck, an upset stomach and a sore jaw. I leave feeling like I have the Flu. My hygienist is so gentle and does nothing wrong. It is just me. I have memories of the days when going to the dentist was a painful so I am always tense.

-Peeing my Pants – I was in Canadian Tire and I had to pee and couldn’t hold it. I peed a fair amount but not enough for anyone to notice. Even though I have had the surgery this is not stress incontinence but urge incontinence. I guess it is time to go back to my doctor and discuss treatments. I have had bladder issues my whole life and it is only getting worse. Honestly, it is embarrassing and very frustrating. And embarrassing.

-Locked Seat Belt – I got my car back and it was only $80.00 to fix. Bonus! Now the problem is the seat belt. It is locking in place and I have to spend 10 minutes pulling it out a centimeter at a time.

-Suet – We love feeding the birds but they are going through a block of suet every two days. Even when we go to the dollar store to get them we are spending $15.00 a month feeding the birds. I would like to add that I think they are very wasteful creatures and most of it end up on the ground.

summer 2013 017-Sheldon, our other cat who is very loving and affectionate is curled up beside me. He is Norbert’s alter-ego and nemesis. If you let him he will sit with you for hours at a time purring away. He is a nice old cat and is now snoring.

– I wish my period would just start already. It is late though there is no chance that I am pregnant. (I don’t have my Fallopian tubes anymore.)

10 thoughts on “Peeing my Pants, Locked Seat Belts, Suet, the Dentist and Stuff

  1. I love your posts. They are so ‘real’. A lot of these things happen to us but we never have the nerve to share them. One of my favourite things about you is that you’re so darn genuine! Oh, I love Sheldon! I have a cat like that. She snuggles up with me all the time.

  2. Sorry about the peeing; that MUST be frustrating. Ugh. Do you have ground-feeding birds that might collect what drops from the suet basket? I always have chipmunks, squirrels, cardinals, doves, and 1.3 billion SPARROWS frantically pecking a the fallout from above.

  3. I love your photo! I understand your feeling about dentists. Back in the day it was indeed a painful experience and it is difficult to shake those memories!

  4. Too real, too familiar, and very, very true. I do love your posts. And going to the dentist is always a white knuckle ride for me. Despite the fact that the dentist who filled me with fear is long gone (and probably a past person by now).

  5. Sheldon is such a cutie. Hate the hygienist too and was glad when I arrived last week to find they had mucked up my appointment. Was so sad to have to turn around and walk out the door! Not. My experience of dentists as a child was ok lucky for me, and it is only in recent times I Am finding it hard as my gums are now sore which makes it more painful. As for the peeing….that must be a nightmare! My boobs are sore today. Surely it must be time for Aunt Flo to stop visiting by now but no, she just keeps turning up like a bad penny.

  6. Mine just started. To say I feel like shit is the understatement of the year. Careful what you wish for!

    The peeing thing is why I can’t sleep naked, although mine seems to just be a sneezing thing. I’d go with a Poise and carry on. There are worse things, it could be turds flying out uncontrollably! 🙂 always an optimist!

    Birds freak me out.

  7. Hate the dentist…..
    So…you think you have the monopoly on peeing your pants?
    You are a real person Barbara….that’s why I ♥️ you so much….
    Linda :o)

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