A meh Kind of Day

Another terrible night’s sleep last night and now I am so tired. And I am feeling a gray-blue but I am pretty sure that is PMS. My car is at the mechanics and I am waiting to hear back on how much that is going to cost. I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious but I don’t know if it related to PMS or being overtired. Does it matter?

A couple of posts ago I mentioned my holidays. I meant to say they start at the end of this week. I am really looking forward to time off. Doesn’t everyone?

I am pissed off because my weight is up. When I weigh-in I am down for three weeks in a row then up for one. Again, PMS. Why do I get so hungry when I am going to get my period? Or is it just soothing myself with food? That is likely the answer.

Right now I am sitting here struggling because I don’t want to weigh-in tonight. Cold, tired and anxious. So much easier to stay home. And have a hot chocolate. But, I will go. I might even walk there.

Addendum – I did go and I did walk there and back. My weight was up 1.6 pounds. meh

10 thoughts on “A meh Kind of Day

  1. PMS is something that I remember very well, and, quite honestly, don’t miss! I began menopause just before my 47th birthday, and that was almost 11 years ago. Many people have spoken about the hot flashes that are quite common in menopause, but I never had them. I have struggled with moods, though, and the ups and downs, so I can relate. Holidays are something we all need, and I hope yours will be enjoyable, and that you will be able to get plenty of rest. Sending you a hug.

  2. Oh, talk to me when your weight is up 18+ lbs. Grrr!!! I lost 25, then a few came back, then a few more. Now I just carry a large loaf of italian bread and a chocolate bar with me and forget about it. Pfft. It IS PMS, Peri-f’ing-meno, the wind blowing east on Tuesday, whatever! I woke up sometime around 4 am. I thought about getting busy in my craft room (since I have a fair coming up) but that sounded productive. Instead I just laid in bed and heavy-sighed until Ron’s alarm went off. It’s a rough age… I’m almost 50. While I sorta love the idea of that…. it’s also just a weird time.

  3. I lost about 10 pounds earlier this year and then put the whole lot back on again. Damn it’s so frustrating. Well done for walking, maybe if you hadn’t you would have weighed more!

  4. That’s not a lot to be up in weight especially if you have PMS. The water weight alone could be causing that. I’m sure that you’ll be down by your next weigh-in and even if you aren’t it’s not the end of the world just get back to your program and you’ll get there. The path to weight loss is never a straight one, there are lots of ups and hopefully mostly downs. Getting exercise is the best thing for PMS. I’m loving menopause, no hot flashes, but my sleep isn’t great. I wake up every night around 4am and then I just get up to go pee and let the cat out. I don’t think I’ve got a solid 8 hours for years.

  5. I was feeling thin this morning and then made the mistake of stepping on the scale. That was dumb. I’m up. Oh and I got a new phone and my period tracker app’s data was deleted so I have NO IDEA what when my period is due. Not that it matters, it was 8 days late last I checked. It’s messed up. Anyway. As you’ve probably noticed, we are all the same. Perimenopause rocks!

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