Ah, a Sunday

Last night I was supposed to work but the person I have been caring for went into the hospital. I could have gone to work in a facility but I decided to take the night off. I had a wonderful night’s sleep and woke up at 10:00. One of the things I love about having teenagers is I can sleep as late as I want.

I woke to a beautiful day! I puttered around a bit and had a rebellious thought of not making my bed. Then I rethought that because I actually like a made bed. That in itself is weird because I never used to make my bed. Anyway, the weather was and still is beautiful. My husband and I sat on the sundeck and had a cup of coffee and planned our day. My daughter’s best friend was getting water baptized today so I went to that. We then went and picked up some groceries and I decided to make a roast for dinner. I came home and puttered in the yard, taking in things for winter and cleaning bird feeders. Presently I am wearing shorts and a light shirt and no socks. All too quickly the time will come when I pack up my summer clothes (I am putting them in the top of the linen closet. Please remind me because I will forget) and replace them with flannel and fleece. I hate socks. When I am at work I can’t go through a 12-hour shift without taking them off at least once.

My car’s ‘check engine’ light is on. Fuckity.

And this was cool…. While I was bringing in things for winter I was really close to one of the bird feeders. I looked up and so-close-I-could-have-touched-her was a Chickadee. She looked at me and I looked at her for about a minute. Then I heard a buzzing behind me and turned and saw a hummingbird equally as close. The hummingbird went back and forth three times while looking at me then off she went. Maybe I am silly l but the experience was spiritual. Maybe my mom sending me a message on the third anniversary of her death.

So the roast is cooking in the Crock-pot and I am going to go and put potatoes and carrots around it. A nice day all round.

8 thoughts on “Ah, a Sunday

  1. Fantastic Barbara….glad to hear it!
    Aren’t Chicadees the cutest things?
    Check engine light? Perhaps your gas cap needs to be tightened!
    Don’t ask! One of our previous vehicles did it ALL the time…try it!
    Enjoy your scrumptious roast dinner….
    Linda :o)

  2. I saw the smiling in your words and it was a glorious site..
    enjoy every moment and hold tight to the memory so if you need it tommorrow and next week, you’ll have it to revisit.

  3. You and I are kindred souls I tell you. I LOVE filling my bird-feeders and then watching the birds come to feed. It is so calming to me. I hate check engine lights because it immediately makes me see dollar signs. Mine has been coming on intermittently and when its off I pretend all is well. lol I too like my feet to me open and not covered up with socks or encased in closed shoes. Nights off are wonderful and I have begun taking them rather then drumming up more work. This coming week my client is going on a trip and I will my two days off. I have nothing planned and just the anticipation of two whole days off feels SO good. It sounds like you are having a really good day. I am so glad.

  4. I laughed at the rebellious thought of not making the bed ’cause I tend to do the same. Think about it. Then I always make it. Always. And I hate socks, too. If only I could be barefoot year round. But no way can that happen in Canada! That experience with the birds is beautiful. Love it. And I love that you had such a happy day.

  5. We’re having roast in the crock pot today. In just a few minutes I’ll be out in my kitchen happily chopping carrots and celery and onions. Yum!
    I keep hearing that we’re to get another very cold and snowy winter, guess I better check the clothing situation. Our winters here are sometimes more mild so I don’t always have things like boots and long underwear, etc. Yup, I better go through the drawers soon!
    Glad you enjoyed the day!
    p.s. Dear one, I have not forgotten to send something to you. I am gathering up a few things and will get that package out soon!! xo

  6. Socks? Eeeuw. I try very, very hard (and mostly succeed) to not wear them.
    Love the birdie messages you received. And am quite confident that they were messages. Of comfort and love.

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