Another Post!

I tell you, I am the posting Queen! I don’t usually post this often. Why? Because nothing really ever goes on in my life that is worth documenting. Seriously. You will agree after reading this post.

rmkkYesterday I watched the last few minutes of The Karate Kid. When I was 15 I was in love with Ralph Macchio. Now I look back and wonder what the hell I was thinking. He weighed about 82 pounds. I could have kicked his skinny ass even with all of his wax on, wax off.

What else? Whenever I get close to my period I have to pee about every 30 minutes. Does anyone else have this problem? PMS also makes is more difficult to hold my bladder. Fucking hormones. I am grateful for Poise pads. I had the surgery a few years ago but it seems to be failing. meh

See? This is my life. What else is going on? It is time to empty my hot tub. You have to do that every three months or it becomes a chemical overload.

mompicToday I sent in a In Memoriam for my mom to the local paper. Usually I would just give to our local hospice but maybe there are newspapers in heaven. I don’t know. It made me feel a little better and in only cost $38.00. Β I could give every penny I earn to charity and there still would not be a cure for cancer. No, there is too much money to be made. I am not expecting a cure for cancer in my lifetime. Sad as that is. Anyway, wasn’t she a beautiful mom? I never realized that until after she died and I spent time staring at pictures of her.

Well, time to go watch something on Netflix. First I have to pee. Again.

9 thoughts on “Another Post!

  1. Ralph definitely was a teenag dream, nothing more! He’s no Rob Lowe, or Judd Nelson, or John Taylor. Swoon!!
    The peeing thing is due to the thinning of the urethra or something due to lack of hormones. I’m awake and it’s the middle of the night. Ya. Fricken perimenopause.
    Your mom had a beautiful smile and gorgeous hands! And she had you! Yay! πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful picture of your mom, I love her smile. As for the bathroom issues, sign me up for the club, I’ve been thinking it is time to see a doctor about it, I’d even consider the surgery.

  3. Yes, your mom was very beautiful, and so are you! I hope she saw the memoriam. You never know; maybe there is a newspaper delivered where she is. Anything is possible.

    I was never a fan of Ralph Macchio, precisely for the reason that I thought he was too scrawny.

  4. I haven’t had to think about periods since August, 1995. Our entire family went to the movie THE KARATE KID together and I will always love the show because my parents, my siblings, all our kids born at the time were there in one theater. It was such joy.

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