In Which I Snark

Alright, it will only be a short snark but a snark nonetheless. My ass hurts. I am only assuming it is sciatica. I wish I had a tennis ball to sit on because my ass has a knot in the left cheek. The pain goes down to my leg.  And my bra is too tight. And I want to eat a whole pizza because I am hungry. Feta cheese, tomatoes and onions, please.

Snark done.

Today I pulled out my happy box. My happy box is an old small valise that belonged to my grandmother. It is filled with trinkets and cards and small stones and cut-outs from the newspaper. Everything in the case makes me smile. One thing in there is a teeny tiny hat that my daughter wore home from the hospital. How could her head every have been that small? The hat was actually too big. There are also wee mementos from bloggers in there. Cards and postcards. They make me feel loved. There is the card from my hospital that was in my bassinet even before I had a name along with a stack of baby cards that my mom kept after I was born. What else? Pictures that my son drew. Handmade items from my daughter, a bookmark and a list of things she is thankful for. There are a few poems in there. One of them was from a woman that my biological father dated years and years ago. My dad ended up marrying an equally lovely woman but this particular woman was so very kind to me. What I should do is take a picture of this stuff and show some of it. What about you? Do you have things that you like to pull out when you are feeling blue?

Last night I watched 12 Years a Slave. It deserved to win Best Picture. That said, I did not “enjoy” even a moment of this film. It was incredibly sad and at times I had to look away at the atrocities. If you have seen it you will understand why I didn’t enjoy this film. If you haven’t see is I highly recommend that you do. We can learn from the past.

15 thoughts on “In Which I Snark

  1. When I want to feel goo, I hit the iPod. It’s all about music for me. I get too nostalgic when I look at old things and then I just get all wistful and shit.
    Email me your address and I’ll make you something for your happy box!

  2. Welcome back. I thought you stopped blogging. Yes, I do have a ‘happy box’ myself in which I collect stuff that remind me of the best times in my life. That always helps to make me feel better. Or I look at a picture of my cat (who is no longer with me, unfortunately), because he has been my biggest comfort ever since I first got him.

  3. What a beautiful idea- your happiness box! No, I don’t have one. I have things scattered everywhere for my eye to light on. These things do help. For me, the best is hard work when I am down. But sometimes that is too hard to do.
    You know.
    Thank you for the beautiful words you left me on my post.

  4. Great post. I love to reminisce about days gone by….even days before my time! Simpler times always makes me happy. I also love nature and enjoy listening to nature sounds such as birds chirping, ocean waves, etc.

  5. That valise is full of treasures. I have some artwork that my kids made for me in elementary school, and I have every card I’ve ever received from loved ones; all occasions. There are a few other things but not much. I am a minimalist, so I store the bare minimums. Unless it’s photographs. I keep all of them. I have about a bazillion photos and photo albums. That’s a lot. It’s more than a gazillion 🙂

    I saw the move ’12 Years a Slave’, and felt the same way. I felt like my heart was being squeezed at times, ready to burst. I had a terrible time watching some of the scenes. The things human beings do to other human beings. I cannot stand it at times.

  6. I just watch cat or hamster videos on YouTube when I feel depressed. Usually makes me smile if not laugh out loud. I think I may need a happy valise cause those cat and hamster videos just aren’t cutting it anymore.

  7. I love that you have a happy box. If you want any more mementos from bloggers private message me your address and I’ll come up with something. 🙂
    My mom made an album of greeting cards she received when I was born, and some from birthdays. So happy to have it. And old photos.

    We watched ’12 Years a Slave’ on Saturday afternoon. I cried.

  8. Hi, are you Birdie?

    If so, I am glad you are back and having given that black dog a kick right up his miserable backside.
    Keep that happy box handy, dipping into it now and then may make you smile. Better than growling.

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