Anger and Frustration

With regards to my last post. My ex-husband’s wife threatened me because I tried to go through the courts to get payment of child support. When I told them I was being threatened they told me it had nothing to do with them and it was a legal matter and I should call the police. The police won’t do anything because saying, “You don’t know what I am capable of” is not a true threat. Anyway, she is an awful and horrible human and I do not like her. In fact, I struggle with hatred. And I don’t want hatred to be a part of who I am. At the end of the day I am the one responsible for my feelings. 

Angella, with her beautiful and honest post about her son had prompted me to be a little bit more honest about what it going on in my own home. I am currently having problems with my son. Nothing life or death but struggles just the same. It seems so petty to write about it and I feel shame and anger around the whole issue. It is affecting my marriage. Even as I write this I am crying. I have done everything I can think of to “fix” this situation and it is only making it worse. Right now I am so fucking tired. Going to work is a break. (Work is stressful enough. I am still sitting in limbo after being displaced. I do not know what my new job will entail or when it will start and my current job will end.) Anyway, at this time I can’t write about what is exactly going on with my son. It is too tender and the situation overwhelming. All I can say is my son is a good boy… a good man. I am proud of him and hope this current blip resolves itself soon. I don’t know how much longer I can take this. It has been going on for over 3 months and I am weary.

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  1. This is weird. I posted other comments but I don’t see them. Anyway, I had extra t on the end of my email and I think that is why it wouldn’t let me post. Not sure how many comments will show up. Sorry about that. But I think I’ve got it fixed now.

  2. What I had said before it got removed was that I am sorry you have to go through all this crap. And I hope things get better with your son, soon. It’s pretty bad when you have to go to work, to get a break.

  3. So sorry to hear you are struggling so much. It sounds like you have a bunch of stressors that you have no control over right now. I’d tell you the one thing you can control is your reaction to these. Ya, knowing this doesn’t help me either. What usually helps me is spending more time outside sitting enjoying the view. I take mini vacations in my mind to get away from all the things that are stressing me out. Hang in there.

  4. Your ex’s wife should know what YOU’RE capable of! Don’t back down. The very least your ex should do is pay for the financial upbringing of his children. It doesn’t sound like he’s giving you any help in the parenting department.
    Your son will be fine, he has you as his mom. You’ll get through this. Take it from someone who lets it all out all the time, it will work itself out. There is no shame in being open.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that you are having these troubles/stressors, particularly with your son. I hope that gets settled soon. Our children are our weakness, and it’s there that we have a harder time.

    As for your husband’s battleax wife, only communicate with her through text/email so you can have a record of everything she says/threatens. Do not accept any calls from her. Tell her as much. I’d also like to add that it’s none of her business what goes on with you/your ex/child support. These issues are between you and your children’s father.

  6. It is normal to have problems with your children. However, your child support situation is not acceptable. I am new to your blog so I don’t know the background but I hope you can get legal assistance to obtain what is due you.

    I read your post saying that this mean woman has cancer. Perhaps that is why she is so unpleasant, or perhaps the stress that made her susceptible to illness also made her nasty. Pray for her from a distance. I hope you don’t have to deal with her very often if at all. Good luck.

  7. I’m having some issues with both my daughters at the moment. It’s tough, but I suppose it’s all part of growing up, and for us growing old! Great. I hope things get easier with your son.

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