Sometimes I think I would like to take a pair of scissors and cut my bra off my body. No doubt I would regret it because bras are expensive it would feel so good for that few seconds.

That is all. 





12 thoughts on “Brassieres

  1. I think that would be rather satisfying at the end of the day. But you’re right, too expensive. Why is it that the less square inches of fabric there are, the more expensive the garment is?

  2. I’m still part “beat” and part “60s” in my head. This is all from my past hippie days — soo — bras left me a long time ago — hallelujah! — barbara.

  3. My husband is always amazed at how I I can just reach up under my sleeves, pull the straps right down my arms and then wiggle that thing over my hips and down onto the floor. OFF! Whew! Comfort again.

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