I am not a Decorator


See this picture. I found it while searching for pictures of decorating ideas for small bedrooms. Is it just me or it this a picture of a large bedroom? I would say a gigantic bedroom! Our master bedroom is quite small. I think it is about 9 x 10, not the smallest master bedroom but still small. As I look at all these decorating sites they always have so much potential. Beautiful windows to start as well vaulted ceilings. Our bedroom is an almost square box with a 6 x 4 window. There is not a lot of potential. At all. Unless I am missing something.



And this. It is so lovely but how does the person closest to the wall get out of bed? And I would be dead by winter from an asthma attack from all the dust settling on that gauzy stuff. Or it would catch fire and i would be dead. 




Where does one put books she is reading? The nightstand has no room! And how does one get up in the night and not knock over all those pictures? And again, the dust on that chandelier. We had a chandelier in our bedroom when we bought the house and removed it. It was hideous. 





Building a second level is not an option. 



A wonderful option for those of us that live in an earthquake zone. 



More perfectly appointed windows and a vaulted ceiling! Come on, already. 


And now, this is what I have to work with. The wallpaper is gone but the residue remains even though it was steamed off. Some twit must have put the wallpaper of with children’s glue stick. 


11 thoughts on “I am not a Decorator

  1. it always leaves the sticky residue behind, thats ust step2in removing wallpaper.. after the sticky is off the walls have to be thoroghly washed afterward too… fun fun fun– NOT
    if the wall isnt totally clean the paint will look awful and you sure dont want to have to sand that smooth– omg- just the thought made me shiver ,,,, good luck
    oh yea- they take those pics with a wide angle sense so the dang things could easily be 10×10 in reality.

  2. Love your commentary about each small room idea….made me smile. Plus seeing you smiling whilst facing that task(stripping walls) has really cheered me up. Can’t wait to see the results. You have a knack for design i think as i remember your garden looks fab with all it’s bits and pieces. Have fun…plus it’s all good exercise.

  3. Even though you manage depression, and for that I am sorry and DO understand, woman… you make me LAUGH.OUT.LOUD sometimes and that helps keep some of my sadnesses away. Thank you!
    You are a joy.
    The photos are all great, especially the last one of you working. Sweet writings on the wall!
    Can’t wait to see it finished.
    I often wonder what I’d come up with if free to decorate without budget or other family member’s considerations. Hmm….

  4. OMG, you are reading my mind! I was watching something on Netflix last night where they had all of this shit over the bed, and I thought, WTF! You aren’t worried about earthquakes, are you? And YES, that seems like a big bedroom. Sort of like those girly magazines that do the “deals vs. splurge” and the “deals” would cost most of my check.

  5. Earthquakes is something in the UK we don’t really have to worry about, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want a room full of all that crap. I do kinda like the first shot though. I could live with that.

  6. Interior Decorating is like Haute Couture — looks fab but just doesn’t “work” in real life. And as for wallpaper, I hate it with the white hot passion of a thousand suns. Too hard to put on, damn near impossible to get off. Give me paint any day!

  7. If you were a ‘decorator’ you would have unlimited money, severely limited taste and no cleaning responsibilities.
    Good luck. I am confident that you will create an inviting, practical space. And I love your final photo – and the writing on the wall was perfect.

  8. I want to know who has time to clean all those fancy bedrooms…geez….just give me a bed a nightstand and a good light and call it a night…….LOVE your posts

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