I have sighed about 100 times today. Not sure if it is the weather or the changing of the seasons or how much death I have had to deal with in the last three years. (A grandpa, a grandma, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, a cousin and or course, my mom.) Maybe it is my job which is still in hiatus. Maybe it is the because the Bison are going extinct. Maybe it is because the moon is waxing or the tide is out. Maybe the chemicals in my brain are out. Whatever the reason I just feel tired and overwhelmed with life right now. I spent most of the day in bed today either sleeping or watching Netflix. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

This morning I weighed myself and I am down 15 pounds. As you know with weight loss it goes up and down but I am down a solid 15. It has been done using an app called, “Lose It” and walking very fast almost everyday for 30 minutes. I am also swimming 2 – 3 times a week. In another 3.8 pounds I will be halfway to my first goal. My next goal is 145 by my birthday then my final goal of 134.8 by what would have been my mom’s birthday in May. It will be a total weight loss of 44 pounds. Originally I wanted to lose a total of 44 pounds on the day I turned 44 but I think that is not realistic.  The goals I have set wont be easy. I like to eat! I don’t like to exercise. I am prone to depression. That is why I have set small attainable goals. For those trying to figure out the math, I started at 178.8. 🙂 

Norbert is being nice and loving to me right now. Why? He knows I have milk and he will stop at nothing to have a sip or drink an entire glass. There have been many times when I have served dinner while he lies in wait for me to make a move where I am out of reach of his milk and he makes a run for it and tips over the cup. By the time I can right the glass and get a towel there is milk everywhere and he is enjoying it. I know, milk is bad for cats but he has never had a problem with it and it is skim so it is not fattening as other milks. Yes, he is a naughty cat but he can always make us laugh and we love him. By the way, as soon as he drank the last of my milk he ran away and did not even say thank you. Ungrateful Bastard.


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7 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. It sounds as if you are doing a tiny bit better and I am glad of that.
    Oh, Norbert! My most beloved cats have had the strongest personalities. Not pleasant ones, either.

  2. The more you write about Norbert, the more I like him. He may be an ungrateful bastard, but he’s entertaining. And smart. Plus, he’s your cat, so he can behave badly and I can just enjoy the stories 🙂

    There are days when you need to sigh until there’s nothing left to sigh about. Sighs pile up over time, and sooner or later we need to exhale them.

    In any case, that is wonderful about the weight loss! Take pride in that. It’s not easy at our age to lose weight even if we exercise.

  3. They may be fickle and/or evil and/or pretend to be about to die, but they are soooo cute! Having attainable goals is a good thing. You can always reach them and make more.

  4. still trying to figure out how to Follow you:)
    this is the reason I dislike wordpress lol…
    seeing your kitty makes me miss mine. they are amazing to watch and I always feel their eyes can speaka language we have not yet learned.
    congrats on the weight loss. applause~!

  5. Oh, that Norbert! LOL I have a ‘Greta’ so I totally get it.
    Woot Woot on the weight loss. Mine is UP, big time. Feeling so crappy about it. I had lost 25, which was not easy, but putting a good bit of it back on certainly was. I bought a bathing suit recently for a trip we might take later this year… oh, horror of horrors.

  6. Norbert is definitely related to Jazz. And yes, even though Jazz moves into psycho cat quite often, he is much loved.
    Sometimes sighing is the only exercise I get.
    Big congratulations on your weight loss. Amazing. Inspirational.

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