Norbert and Sheldon

Well, Sheldon appears to be OK. Maybe it was just a ruse planned by him to make us appreciate him more. Not that we don’t already love and appreciate him.  At the moment he is sitting outside in the garden and having special treats brought to him. 

I got through the funeral yesterday as I knew I would. We always get through them, don’t we? Through it but it was so dry. It was old school Catholic. Fortunately it was the condensed version but still dry nonetheless. A lot of repeating and following along. A lot of old hymns sung in a note that very few humans can reach and only dogs can hear. I hated it the whole time. Instead of following along with the service I closed my eyes and meditated. And then I went home and took off my dress and tummy tucker and got into comfortable clothes and went to the reception. 

Summer is sure winding down, isn’t it? The nights are cooler. The leaves are already changing already in our part of the planet. I am not looking forward to the dark days of winter. meh I need to stay in the moment and think on that when the time comes. 

Today is a melancholy kind of day. Not sure why. That’s OK. I will just sit with it and wait for the melancholy to move on. 

7 thoughts on “Sheldon

  1. When I die, you should definitely try to make it to my funeral because I’m going to have the best tunes ever! And all the cheesecake you can eat!
    I knew you could do it.
    Yay Sheldon!!

  2. So glad to hear that Sheldon is O.K. Melancholy days…I had one yesterday, I can relate. And the leaves are beginning to change colour here in Montreal as well!

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