And Again…

Yes. Again. I have another UTI. Every since I started with the hot flashes and the chin hairs I have been having UTI’s. I went to the drop-in clinic and the very nice woman doctor told me it was one of the most common thing women of my age come in for.  “But I am 43!”, I protested. She gently smiled and said I am lucky I didn’t start having them earlier. You know what? I don’t want to accept that I am just going to be prone to UTI’s! I want to prevent them, not treat them. I already drink 6 – 9 cups of water everyday. I drink cranberry juice. What else can I do? So frustrating.

Something is wrong with our older cat, Sheldon. He is very weak and lethargic and is not eating or drinking. If you know Sheldon you know he loves to eat. He weighs 14 pounds! He has to be fed twice a day because he has no shut off valve when he eats. We tried giving him salmon juice but he is not interested. That is saying a lot.  Anyway, he is resting under the rebounder and we are keeping an eye one him. He isn’t in any pain. He is a good old cat.

Addendum – This is going to sound awful but I do not want to go to my step-grandma’s funeral tomorrow. Not because it i will be sad, It isn’t all that sad. She was 90 and lived a good long life with the same man for 63 years. She never wanted for anything, in fact I would go as far to say she was quite wealthy. In the end she went fairly quickly. She lived a charmed life. The reasons for not wanting to go are 100% selfish. I don’t like wearing a dress. I hate having to hold my stomach in for 3 hours. Being an introvert, I hate the forced socializing. I would rather say goodbye in my own way. Go out into nature or meditate. Maybe give quietly to her favorite charity. 


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  1. Have you been ruled out as an IC sufferer? Be sure and ask for the testing just in case. (Interstitial Cystitis) I hope Sheldon will turn around soon and be a healthy fellow again. I believe I attended my last funeral yesterday. It was a person I probably knew the least of anyone there and yet I cried the hardest. That is just wrong.

  2. Funerals are for the living, if you don’t want to go, don’t. I always wear black pants to a funeral. I have these pull on ones from Reitmans that are as comfy as a yoga pant. Screw dresses! Lol
    Are you peeing after you, um, “do it”? Because that could be the reason. Do you wear ginch at night? Maybe you should put some coconut oil on it, that seems to be the cure-all du jour! Lol! Feel better Sheldon!

  3. I hope Sheldon improves. From the way you describe him, it sounds like he’s ill.

    I hope you do/did what feels best for you regarding the funeral. Everyone should handle these things in their own way.

    Sorry about the UTIs. That’s pretty nasty 😦

  4. UTIs are nasty. Hope you can find a way to avoid them.
    Sheldon does indeed sound as if he is drifing away. Which is sad.
    And I hope that you can avoid the ceremony and remember her and farewell her in a way which feels right for you.

  5. UTIs are just bad no matter what. I found the golden pill without a doctor’s prescription. Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Plus Vitamin C 4200 mg. It has solved my repetitive problem with UTIs. You take 2 jell tabs 3 times a day every day and there are no more problems. My doctor had a UTI problem and she told me about them.

    • Leeanna, I am going to give it a try. I hate being on antibiotics! Solve one problem and cause another. (yeast infections) Nature’s Bounty is usually reasonably priced. Thanks for the info.

  6. I’m sorry about Sheldon and the UTI – I don’t think they care how young you are, though. I don’t blame you for not wanting to go to a three-hour funeral.

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