WTF is with earwigs? You know how ladybugs are God’s creatures? Earwigs are creatures of Old Nick himself. They even have evil little horns. I hate them and tell them so. They come in on my laundry that has been hanging outside. When I was little I was terrified one would crawl in my ear and have babies. That was a mix of misinformation (they like ears of corn) and Star Trek’s Wrath of Khan. To me, that was the single most fucked up scene in a movie, ever. Fuck. Now I have thought about it and will need to take an ativan before bed lest I have nightmares. Anyway, earwigs are not nice. They, like Wrath of Khan are things that make the world of Birdie a dark and scary place.

OK, you know how I try to tell you that Norbert is a mean, hateful cat? This is proof.

nabds Here he is sitting on top of the rebounder trying to terrify our other cat, Sheldon. Sheldon is an old cat (19 this year) and Norbert does things on purpose to stress him out. Sheldon is too old and feeble to do anything but hiss and Norbert knows he is the stronger cat

Anyway, I just realized the time. I need to get going, Off to aqua-sizes!



10 thoughts on “Earwigs…

  1. I had the same fear about earwigs when I was a kid. I’d never seen the worms scene, and since I’m so curious, I went to look it up. OHMYGOSH… Damn it. Why in hell did I do that for? It freaked me right out, and now it’ll haunt me all day.

  2. Earwigs do creep me out. I think most people are not too fond of them. Yuck.

    We’re looking after my son’s cat for a few months and he’s mean to my old pair also. Same mentality.. bigger.. stronger and he knows it. He’s sweet and loving with us but when he picks on my old guys .. grrrr.

  3. I always thought earwigs were going to get into my ears, lay eggs and then eat away at my brain. 😀 Actually i haven’t seen one for years!

    Naughty Norbert. 😀

  4. Eww yes I forgot about earwigs too and that old story about them being on a mission to get inside your ear and do horrible things. I won’t watch that scene.

    Norbert what a bully! I feel for Sheldon. Feeling a bit old and feeble myself lately….gosh I need to shake myself out of this funk! Good to see Norbert, though I’ve missed him.

  5. I used to work for a property management firm and some tenants had earwigs. They are annoying, but I found the cockroaches and bedbugs worse.

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