I am Just Plain Flat Out Tired

There. That is what I am right now. I just finished my rotation of night shifts and all I want to do is sleep but I can’t because I am TOO tired and my cheap sleep apnea mask broke (again) and I won’t be able to replace the part until tomorrow. It makes me furious because sleep apnea supplies are way, way overpriced cheap plastic made (where else?) China. If I am paying $45.00 for a piece of medical equipment it should last more than a few months. The part that bothers me the most is many people do not have insurance to pay for sleep apnea machines so when they hoard and save to buy one the parts should be well made. But, no. I guess I am expecting too much. Ah, kvetch kvetch kvetch.

I hate being tired.


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Anyway, I have one more rotation of night shifts and then I am on evenings. At least I think that is what is happening because this is what happens when you have 35 bosses. It takes forever for the finalities to work their way down to the lowly employee (me) from the Mafia Godfathers (management) who apparently do exist but have never actually been seen by anyone. I have several bosses that some of my coworkers have never seen even though they have been working for years and years. I am not kidding. It is like The Illuminati. I got to speak to a boss one day and I had to go through three people before I could go upstairs to her office. First there was a clerk who had to give me permission to see a Nurse Leader. From there I saw a Nurse Leader who had to check a special schedule to see if the ‘delicate genius’ could see me. From there I was permitted to go to the second floor and check with scheduling. When I did see her I had 5 minutes to voice my problem that she did not give a shit about, She. the ‘delicate genius’ had a meeting. I was shooed away.

Please watch this so you will understand The Delicate Genius.

Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.


My step-grandma, who we call (at her bidding) Old Grandma Mary because she is old, is in the hospital. She fell a few times last week and went into the hospital and had a stroke. She is indeed old. (90) My long-suffering most lovely step-mom is worn to a frazzle with her mother’s constant demands. It is a complicated thing, families. I hate saying this but it is true. You who have been with my blogging for a while know how deeply my mother’s dying and death affected me. She was a beautiful woman and part of my heart. She was only 65 when she died but I am glad that she will never have to get old and live in a nursing home wearing diapers and being fed. It is a cruel thing, that.


6 thoughts on “I am Just Plain Flat Out Tired

  1. That’s frustrating to say the least. I went for an appointment today and the person I was seeing, as always, presented as if I was taking up her valuable time and was a bit of a nuisance. However she did mellow a bit today, as the appointment went on. I’ll give her that. Sorry about your step-grandmother. Sometimes I think that I am glad my Mum and my Dad did not have to go through that…and sometimes……I just want them back and things to stay the same as they were. Life eh? Good to see you back. Get some sleep. Shall I come over and hit you on the head with a brick? Hate not being able to sleep. Hugs. Xx

  2. Delicate genius… hehe… loved that.
    Hoping you got the part and are getting some better sleep!
    Sad for Old Grandma Mary and your step-mom. Yes, it can all be very cruel… life, or rather a good long one when the parts start to go. A friend’s mom just lost a leg and has been in and out of hospital and rehab for awhile. She’s in her 80’s. It’s obviously terrible for her, and family, too.

  3. Families are so complicated, you’re right. I hope Old Grandma Mary doesn’t suffer. I know when I’m old and no longer able to care for myself, I want to die a swift, painless death, much like my mother. Take care woman.

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