18 minutes

That is how long I have to post. I am colouring my hair and I don’t want to go over or it will turn black. That reminds me of an “I Love Lucy” episode where she is trying to make a new dress for herself while perming her own hair. She completely forgets the perm and leaves it on for 4 hours.

So what is new? I have been walking everyday for at least 30 minutes. My husband and I did 6 k. today in 63 minutes. My weight is down and I am feeling mostly good. My new job posting will be Wednesday to Sunday, 5 – 11 pm. I am not thrilled but grateful to even have a job. I get paid well for what I do so I can’t complain. OK, I can complain a little. I won’t be able to spend any time with my extended family because they all work days so family meals will be out. *sigh* Oh well. If that is the least of my worries I guess I am going to survive. I bought myself a GPS because I was very stressed about finding addresses in the fall and winter in the dark when it is pouring rain. I have already used it and I am so happy with it. It was normally a tops of the line GPS and would have cost my over $200.00 but it was on sale and then I used my Canadian Tire money so I got it of $83.00. Yay!  OK, i have to go. I am sitting on the floor and it will probably take me a good five minutes to stand up and stretch my back and legs. Why do I even bother sitting on the floor?



6 thoughts on “18 minutes

  1. Don’t you just love Canadian Tire? In addition to the money that you collect when you shop there, this place always has super sales. We bought our GPS last year (finally caved in and got one), and also got it at a great sale.

    That is terrific about all that walking. Great form of exercise, and a wonderful way to see your area.

  2. Looks like my hair without the perm! Good to hear you are walking and have lost some lbs. I must follow your example and get off my butt again. X

  3. I’ve been practically living at bloody Canadian Tire since I got my own place. Most of my kitchen stuff comes from there! And I got a super buy there on a set of Lagostina cookware a couple of weeks ago — regular $600 on sale for $200. Yay! Screw you, Walmart.

  4. Awesome that you are walking! I need to be more active!! And color my hair. It goes in stages though, and it’s falling out again. Crazy hormones! So on one hand, I don’t want to do too much to it, but on the other… I need to or I’ll feel like a total frump.

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