Dauncy. Those of you who have been following my blogs know that I love the word, “Dauncy”. It is from I Love Lucy. Dauncy means you are not yourself. You feel tired and listless. Perhaps you need a tonic. Maybe Vitameatavegamin. Though it was not the Vitameatavegamin episode. It was the episode when Lucy was “enceinte”. I am NOT enceinte!  

 Anywayyyyyyyyy, that is how I feel. Dauncy. My body aches. My upper and lower back, my neck and my hands hurt. I have a headache. I received my displacement notice at work on Friday and have to “bump” someone. I know. I know. It is the way it has to go. I just know how much stress and anxiety this has caused me and I don’t want to cause that for another human even though it is not something I am doing intentionally. I was trying to explain to my husband that I don’t want to do this with a “don’t care” attitude. Very least, I want to be Mindful that any actions we take can cause stress and anxiety for another human. It is something I would never want to do on purpose. Lately the Universe/God has been showing me the importance of Kindness. 

OK, I am going for a walk. I have walked everyday except one for 21 days in a row. I am down almost 6 pounds. 



12 thoughts on “Dauncy

  1. Well, I imagine your stress has a lot to do with your aches and your pains. It is always so for me. I put it all in my body because my mind can’t hold it all. That’s my theory, anyway. And you never know- the person who is bumped (if I understand this correctly) may be looking for an excuse to quit. One never knows.
    Good for you on the walking! It helps the mind AND the body.

  2. Congrats on the 6 pounds! I walk every day and all I do is gain. Oh well.
    I agree, the aches are internalized stress. You’ll be okay.

  3. Stress manifests in such unpleasant ways. Hopefully the walking helps.. that’s a good release.

  4. It’s good to be back here, and I’m sorry to hear of all this stress. I’m so impressed with your walking regime, though, and can’t help but think if you keep that up, it will help to relieve some of the stress. I have some catching up to do here!

  5. I’m here! I think I was finally able to figure out how to “follow” you too. Thanks for commenting at my spot. I felt like I had lost you….lol. So happy to have found you again. I am off to read whats been going on for awhile. And I hope your daunciness leaves you soon. :o)

  6. Hi Birdie — Not on topic, but just wanted to let you know that I listened to that modern hymn you recommended — “The Servant Song.” Very beautiful, I can see why it calls to you! Have a good long weekend — I’m off to Manitoba to visit my Mom in the nursing home.

  7. I am sorry you are in that position! Grrrr…. I hope the displaced person at least feels your compassion.

    I hope you feel better–and I am envious about the six pounds you lost. I seem to lack the will to lose anything. Good on ya!

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