An Unpost

Well, I am back posting but I am not actually posting because the weather has been most fabulous! I have been out swimming and walking and watching the world spin as I rest on my hammock. Right now I am a spoiled lady sitting in my bedroom with the air conditioner going. It was above 30 C today. Yes, that is cool for everywhere else but hot when you only have an air conditioner that only cools the bedroom and not the rest of the house. Yesterday is was so hot the huge bucket that the air conditioner empties into overflowed while I was sleeping and started running out the side out the house.

I found out about my job and they are indeed dissolving my position at work.  I have been more stressed than I want to admit but I am working at being mindful and staying in the moment. At this point I will still have a job but I may have to leave Home Support.  I could end up anywhere in an area of 90 km. I could end up working in the hospital or any health care facility. So, yes. Stressed. I will still have an income but… Oh, I just hate the unknown. I know, it could be something better but it will still be a new job I have to learn. I feel like I am too old for this. I have been doing the same job for almost 15 years. I love what I do and I don’t want to do something different. Anyway, I will find out Friday and I guess if that is my biggest worry I am OK.

As promised, this is a picture of my son at his grad. He wanted to dress like the 11th Doctor. He was voted best dressed!

My daughter danced in Victoria from Wednesday to Saturday, This is her getting ready for the sword dance.

8 thoughts on “An Unpost

  1. I always think of Dr Who as an English institution, I forget he’s a Time Lord who travels all over the universe.

    Your son is a fantastic doctor and your daughter is so beautiful.

  2. Hey I made it here, I hope your posts show up in my reader now. You have great kids! The weather is beautiful too, very hot, but we don’t have a/c. It’s so rare to get really hot weather here that it’s not needed, but I could do with it today!

    I hope your job sorts itself out.

  3. Lovely photos of your children. They look like treasures. Gosh you are doing well not freaking out about your job. I would be struggling too as I don’t like change when it is imposed on me like that….plus I get comfortable! And safe…more importantly. I know how much you love your job. Hang on in there you are doing well and you can do it. You can deal with most things if you just breathe and hold on to who you are. Xxx NB I’m telling myself this too.

  4. Your son is quite handsome, and your daughter just lovely. Proud mama! You should be!

    You’ll be great at your new work gig. One day at a time….

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