My new fan.

I love this little fan that plugs into my laptop! LOVE it! If I was Oprah it would be on my list of favourite things. I think it would have to cost $1385.00 instead of $14.99 though.


In other news the person I am working nights with right now always tries to sneak up on me. Why? I have no idea. It puts me on edge.  I am not doing anything wrong but she will just appear from behind a door or a corner. Earlier tonight she crept up the stairs and opened the door very quietly then she was all of a sudden standing there. I know she was trying to surprise me because she had no reason to take that set of stairs. She could have just walked down the hall to where I am instead of going all the way around the back stairs.  Weird. Maybe I should start a meth lab and watch porn.  That would give her something to think about.

4 thoughts on “My new fan.

  1. Your co-worker sounds frigging creepy!!!! Put a tack in her shoe so you can hear her coming!
    If you were Oprah, I’d have to break up with you, just saying. Mind you, if Oprah was less pretentious, maybe I’d like her again.
    Nice fan!

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